April 26, 2021

Forrester Study: Agent & Customer Experiences Improve With Integrated Contact Center Solutions

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Agent & Customer Experiences Improve With Integrated Contact Center Solutions

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LiveVox in December 2020 evaluated how integrated contact center solutions help firms with their business operations, customer needs, agent performance, and business outcomes.

Below we’ve outlined some of the study’s key findings. We’ve made the study free and downloadable here

Earlier this month LiveVox Chief Marketing Officer Nick Bandy and GM of CRM & Messaging Products Boris Grinshpun spoke with guest Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Art Schoeller in a webinar that is available now on-demand

Data integration challenges impact the customer experience in a big way 

Continuous improvements to customer experience are a critical component of an organization’s long-term success. Contact centers continue to struggle with analytics and reporting across channels in addition to orchestrating seamless journeys from channel to channel. Ticketing and communication silos are the most significant areas of concern as decision-makers continue to struggle with attribution and true root cause analysis when journey mapping.

The commissioned study states:

“Data in the CRM and contact center is not unified. This makes it even more difficult for contact center leaders to identify inefficiencies or gaps in the customer journey across channels and to make improvements accordingly. Firms waste time and money by bringing data together from multiple systems.”

These inefficiencies create barriers for agents, taking a toll on the overall service provided to customers. Integrating disparate data systems helps agents deliver standout experiences. Forrester goes on to detail that “43% of firms [surveyed] lack channel-specific data in real-time, leaving agents frustrated and without a comprehensive view of the customers they are trying to serve. Overcoming these integration challenges is key to capturing, unifying, and utilizing customer journey data”

Firms struggle to see the complete customer journey 

Currently, contact centers lack the infrastructure to access the right information at the right time and with precision. This makes it difficult to identify where to start making improvements. A push to unify data and inventory customer interactions to recognize patterns is the first step toward establishing a full customer journey.  According to the Forrester study, “an inability to track customers across channels leaves agents without the relevant customer information and interaction history they need to serve customers on their preferred channel and in their moment of need.” 

According to the study, “the top challenge for contact center decision-makers is integration with other systems in their technology stacks. This is followed closely by challenges with viewing data across all channels. Moreover, contact center decision-makers struggle with varying customer identities across channels.”

Managing upgrades & integrations is a challenge across CRM and contact center platforms

Today’s contact centers are trying to leverage data in exciting new ways to transform their

business models and keep up with an increasingly digital-first consumer. With so many entry points for customers to initiate contact, there’s a significant market need for purpose-built CRMs that go beyond the standard and automatically aggregate, adjust, and share customer insight across all the applications and people that impact customer experience.

The study found that “three-quarters of contact center decision-makers said it is challenging to manage upgrades and integrations for their CRM…firms waste a lot of effort, time, and resources due to complex systems that do not easily communicate across the ecosystem — not even with IT effort.”

The ability to capture and consolidate insight from every customer interaction into centralized profiles that can be adjusted and shared across the entire organization is necessary to connect the agent and customer experience.

LiveVox has made the study available for free here

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