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January 4, 2017

Establish PCI Compliance as a Differentiator in 2017

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In 2016, our product team made even greater strides to address compliance concerns, including one of the fastest, and costly challenges faced by our clients handling payments – PCI security.

Each year, PCI audit scrutiny continues to mount – what was once considered “passable”, may no longer be acceptable.

Enhancements in our advanced IVR capabilities empower our clients to secure new business opportunities and meet operational goals with a cloud, plug-and-play model to meeting PCI security.

As we start 2017, here’s how LiveVox can help differentiate your business with PCI risk mitigation.

“This year, I will establish PCI compliance as a differentiator”

PCI compliance – more formally known as PCI-DSS v3.2 – requires contact centers to deploy specific processes and technology to help protect against credit card fraud. Not only does LiveVox maintain our own PCI certification, we have developed industry leading tools to help our clients achieve some of the highest levels of PCI risk mitigation, without requiring the multi-million dollar investments others are forced to forego..

Let’s take a look at how:

One of the most basic PCI requirements mandates contact centers to not record any payment information. LiveVox not only solves for the recording challenge, but takes PCI risk mitigation one step further, addressing the broad language of PCI’s Primary Account Number (PAN) requirement shown below:

“3.3 Mask PAN when displayed (the first six and last four digits are the maximum number of digits to be displayed), such that only personnel with a legitimate business need can see more than the first six/last four digits of the PAN.”

In an effort to minimize any risk of payment information being exposed through the payment interaction, LiveVox not only pauses the call recording, but also, locks down the agent leg of the payment activity, meaning block all ability for agents to:

  • See payment information on their screens and
  • Directly hear any payment information during the transaction.

Achieving this goal requires businesses to embark on a journey to unravel and re-build complex ecosystems that impact call recording, data capture, and encrypted storage – an incredibly costly and time consuming goal; one that many will not be able to achieve this quarter, or even this year.

LiveVox’s newest feature, Secure Payment Capture, helps clients leverage their PCI risk mitigation approach as a market differentiator.

Introducing Secure Payment Capture

Now available in Platform 4, LiveVox’s Secure Payment Capture capability stops a call recording when a consumer begins a payment transaction. Then it seamlessly resumes the recording after payment completion when the agent is rejoined to the call. And all LiveVox call recordings are encrypted at rest.

In addition, using advanced IVR capabilities, LiveVox provides a new interface to a payment gateway so that agents can handle payment terms while customers control their personal data. Customers enter their own card details in a secure fashion via an IVR, and LiveVox notifies the contact center agent as details are obtained.

This capability essentially “locks down” the agent terminal so it will not expose card (or other payment) details. On the agent screen, LiveVox displays simple progress messages as consumers enter their payment as seen in the image below

This ability to provide some of the highlest levels of PCI security today will help our clients differentiate their business as one of a few that can overcome the mounting PCI challenge.

Stay tuned for more information on other exciting advanced IVR solutions that can help optimize your inbound business. To learn more about our Advanced IVR features today or other capabilities, contact us at

LiveVox has provided a solution to these challenges – without the costs or complications – enabling businesses to take one step ahead of the competition as we enter 2017.

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