July 19, 2021

Do You Need a Virtual Agent? Here are the Top 12 Reasons to Get One

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Do You Need a Virtual Agent? Here are the Top 12 Reasons to Get One

Do you need a virtual agent? That depends: do you want to automate answers for routine questions, resolve repeat issues, and free up valuable customer or agent time?

LiveVox lets you incorporate a no-code virtual agent that mimics, enhances, and assists live agent interactions for advanced automation that is intelligent and personalized. Here are the top 12 reasons to consider adopting a virtual agent right now.   

1. Create improvements without trade-offs

Typically, if you want to increase capacity, that means adding more headcount. The same goes for improving the customer and agent experience because that could mean costly investments. But not with AI Virtual Agents—you can handle more calls without adding more human agents and cut costs while also improving CX and AX.

2. Increase capacity

The math is simple. The more agents you have, the more calls you can handle. AI Virtual Agents provide a new path to increasing your capacity without increasing your labor costs. A typical contact center can quickly realize up to 5x returns on its AI Virtual Agent investment—even when handling just 10% of its current call volume.

3. Improve the customer experience

What if your contact center could answer calls from customers day and night? What if they never had to wait on hold for an agent? What if you could handle their requests immediately and correctly on the very first call, without ever speaking to a human agent? You can improve CX in all of these ways—and more—with AI Virtual Agents.

4. Improve the agent experience

AI Virtual Agents free up your human agents to handle the most important customer interactions. With AI handling all routine requests, human agents only have to take the calls that require a more engaged, personal touch. This also means your customers have the ability to self-service completely on their own a majority of the time, including making payments and gathering information.

5. Improve KPI metrics

According to a study from MIT, 8 out of every 10 incoming calls can be resolved without the need for a human agent. This means there’s a huge opportunity to add AI Virtual Agents. The result? Fewer calls dropped. No one on hold. A significant reduction in overall Average Handle Time. All without the money, time, and effort it takes to train more human agents and get them going.

6. Handle multi-step omnichannel flows

Meeting customers on their channel of choice is crucial these days. That means you need to incorporate and automate capabilities beyond voice alone. With AI Virtual Agents, you have the ability to send SMS or emails automatically as part of your workflow. Customers can then self-service their own needs when and where it is most convenient for them.

7. Easy to implement, operate, & optimize

Adding AI Virtual Agents with an on-premise solution can be incredibly complicated and challenging. But with LiveVox, there’s no need to change your ACD/PBX or IVR. Our AI Virtual Agent Bundle takes coaching, training, and tuning out of IT’s hands and allows managers to take a more hands-on approach.

8. Live monitor & manage like human agents

At LiveVox, we integrate practical Voice AI through the ACD instead of a traditional DTMF IVR. Why? So managers can track your AI Virtual Agents live in real-time, instead of relying on the IT department. Allowing you to validate, capture, gather, log, and respond with AI throughout the entire Omnichannel flow.

9. Fine-tune processes at mass scale

With LiveVox, instead of coaching and training on a single agent-by-agent basis, you can make instant changes to every AI Virtual Agent—at the same time—to improve operations and CX. Optimizing is easier because you can see activity in the LiveVox Portal, listen to call recordings, and even add on speech analytics for enhanced quality management.

10. Have more personalized conversations 

We help make your AI Virtual Agents operate more like human agents. That’s because LiveVox does personalization based on our powerful Contact Manager solution, or by connecting to your 3rd-party system. This means more customer data and attributes are available to your AI Virtual Agents so they’re equipped to tailor every interaction, and all of that info is passed on during escalations to your human agents.

11. Add AI virtual agents on any platform

There’s no need for a costly or time-intensive migration to a complicated system with our AI Virtual Agent Bundle. You don’t even need to move your agents to our platform. Instead, you can make the most of the time, effort, and money you’ve already invested in your current system while simply adding functionality that your customers will benefit from.

12. Lower your total cost of ownership

Using AI Virtual Agents with LiveVox lets you handle calls at less cost than human agents. Our AI Virtual Agent Bundle is among the lowest cost in the market for this technology. This means you can deploy as many AI Virtual Agents as needed to match maximum anticipated call volume—without paying incrementally per agent.

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