ContactBabel Report

US Contact Center Verticals: Communications

Comprising of almost 400,000 agent positions in 2,650 contact centers, the communications sector is one of the largest vertical markets in the US contact center industry, with employment heavily weighted towards larger operations. The communications sector will see a decline of around 12,500 agent positions in the next four years as the move to self-service and digital interactions further increases.

The sector is driven by the increasing competition for triple and quadruple-play communications services, as well as the continued roll-out of super-fast broadband (fixed and mobile), along with a raft of services designed to make full use of this. The B2B communications market has also seen strong growth and increased competition, leading to substantial gains in historical headcount. However, there has been some indication of closures and consolidation, especially in the very competitive B2C sector, which has taken some of the heat out of the growth rate.