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Supercharge Contact Center Efficiency with Integrated Agent Workflows

Because you already use LiveVox, you’re in a unique position to further improve customer and agent experience, and drastically boost operational coherence and contact center efficiency by integrating your agent workflows.

Our platform, even more powerful in U17, eliminates the complexity and the burden of pulling together multiple systems and data streams through our purpose-built CRM, Open APIs, and Configurable Agent Desktops.

As contact center operations have become more and more complex, cobbled-together workarounds have led to:

  • Agents struggling to deal with too many tabs, windows, and applications
  • An over-reliance on Alt+Tab, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V that slows everything down
  • Customers hearing ‘give me a minute’, ‘please hold’, and ‘my system is being slow today’ all too often
  • Agents unsure of what to do or say next.

These problems are costing contact centers like yours time and money.

Replay this webinar to see how easy it is to put everything in its right place and create optimal experiences for agents and customers alike.

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Featured Speakers

Nick Bandy, Chief Marketing Officer, LiveVox

Boris Grinshpun

General Manager, CRM

Boris Grinshpun, General Manager, CRM, LiveVox

Jason Queener

Senior Director, Business Consulting