October 12, 2022

Customer Sentiment: How to Gauge Using Call Recording Software

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Customer Sentiment: How to Gauge Using Call Recording Software

Understanding your customer sentiment and client needs and behaviors is crucial for companies that wish to grow their businesses. Getting feedback from customers can help companies make better business decisions. At times it can be difficult to track customer satisfaction levels, especially in a fast-paced call center.. 

This can lead companies to overlook customer sentiment. Waiting until one unsatisfied customer posts a disparaging review on social media can leave companies rushing in to try and fix the problem. Reactive tendencies aren’t efficient and instead can cause strain on a company’s operations. 

Businesses are constantly trying new tactics to better understand their customers. Some call centers try to analyze customer sentiment through online or over-the-phone surveys. However, many times customers are short on time and don’t answer truthfully. Instead they check off down the column. Other times they hang up when transferred to an IVR survey. These methods aren’t always reliable and don’t give companies the data they need to properly strategize. 

Businesses are constantly trying new tactics to better understand their customers

How to gauge customer sentiment

One of the most efficient ways to know exactly what your customers are thinking is by using advanced call recording software in your call center. Call recording software is more than just simple voice recording. There are numerous features that help set call centers up for success. Some platforms transcribe every conversation and allow users to search through conversations. This data can be used to identify customer patterns and behaviors that companies could use to pinpoint areas with room for improvement.

What is call recording software?

Call recording software is a program that records voice calls. This software is usually used within the context of a contact center. It can also gather business intelligence by tracking keywords in conversations between agents and customers. Some software also allows users to record screen activity during each call. 

Benefits of call recording software

Call recording software brings numerous benefits to both customers and agents. Below you’ll find a description of the different ways that call recording brings value to a company and how it impacts teams and customers. 

Training and coaching

Call recording software allows team supervisors to identify high-quality calls that can be used as examples for new employees. Screen recordings captured from seasoned agents can show new agents standard workflows within the call center platforms. 

Call recording software can also help narrow down current agents who are struggling by using sentiment-focused analytics. Good calls can be used as a guide for those agents to help them improve. Coaching sessions between agents and supervisors are more efficient.

Sentiment analytics

Tracking customer sentiment with call recording software gives contact center supervisors the ability to find out the way a customer feels during each interaction. Sentiment analysis provides valuable insight into agents’ performances by analyzing their conversations with each customer. 

Tools such as LiveVox’s Sentiment Analysis Solution use advanced speech technology to interpret everything from speech patterns, changes in tone, or pitch. Negative and positive interactions are indicated from these interpretations. Reports are generated from that data to help call centers better understand clients’ experiences.

Interested in learning more about speech analytics? Check out this on-demand webinar.

Contact centers can easily pull up conversations through targeted keywords that reveal customer and agent sentiment. This helps them understand interactions between customers and agents. The software  compiles and categorizes words. This can help test and shape a company’s customer service strategies by identifying a customer’s response to certain scripts. 

Keyword identification through LiveVox’s SpeechIQ can also trigger notifications. Supervisors receive them to locate possible problematic conversations as they occur. Call centers can reduce the risk of escalation and non-compliance with real-time notifications.

Trend identification

Call recording software allows users to spot trends amongst their customers. For example, if customers are calling in frequently with the same specific question or a particular request, call recording software can reveal exactly what those needs are. LiveVox’s Call Recording solution identifies trends and generates reports with valuable insight. Companies can then use this knowledge to efficiently meet customers’ needs by providing them exactly what they are asking for.

Why contact centers rely on call recording software

Providing valuable training and coaching tools for employees is critical for scalability. These tools promote growth by ensuring that a positive customer journey can always be at the heart of every interaction. Addressing problems head-on and highlighting top agent performances is an effective way to help transform and grow a company. A higher percentage of satisfied customers helps result in more business and more referrals. 

LiveVox provides contact centers with the technology they need to train and support agents through all stages of the customer journey. Their Call Recording Software and Sentiment Analysis tools integrate with LiveVox’s customer-focused call center platform to deliver a smooth agent experience. This makes it much easier for agents to do their job. Learn more about the LiveVox Way and request a demo by contacting us here.

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