October 21, 2016

Convert On Customer Satisfaction Feedback

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Undoubtedly surveys are one of the important tools to track customer satisfaction levels and capture the voice of the consumer. However, converting survey feedback into actionable insight remains a challenge for enterprises and the BPOs that service them.

Do you have an effective customer feedback system? Let’s assess your current survey system with a simple survey.

If you answered NO to most of these questions, your satisfaction level with your current survey system could be low! Moreover, your survey system should not be a puzzle with missing pieces. It should be a simple tool to use and implement, allowing you to focus on your customers.

The Cause of the Puzzle:

Challenge in Tying Customer Feedback to Agent Performance and Campaign Activity

Most survey systems operate in a silo, separate from the contact center ecosystem. This disconnection often results in surveys taking place days/weeks after the actual interaction. A delayed survey not only minimizes the opportunity for accurate feedback, but also provides feedback without context. Survey results are essentially provided without being tied to what, why, and how the interaction happened.

In essence, surveys often leave business leaders struggling to:

  • Determine agent-level performance: Delayed surveys without direct links to campaign activity leaves business managers struggling to pinpoint opportunities to improve agent performance or be completely confident in the accuracy of the feedback itself.
  • Make Timely Decisions: In today’s fast-paced consumer environment, any time lost between the actual interaction and survey feedback can lead to lost opportunities in creating upsells, addressing consumer complaints, or gathering product insight.

Satisfied Customers and Trained Agents Key to a Successful Business

Business leaders understand the link between customer satisfaction levels and operational performance of customer-facing agents. The skill with which agents handle customer issues and represent the company is critical in today’s competitive environment.

Even in the traditional recoveries business, BPOs are focusing on “customer experience” measurements while striving to maintain collections revenue. With the CFPB gathering direct consumer feedback, BPOs seek the ability to quickly address negative consumer experiences and compile meaningful statistics from their own consumer surveys.

Using LiveVox, BPOs can continuously monitor and review agents’ performance in light of customer feedback. LiveVox Surveys help BPOs to Reward the performers, and recover if performance dips.

Connecting all the Pieces with a Cloud Solution

Turning feedback into Actionable Insight

LiveVox CSat Survey Solution is a customer feedback collection system that is seamlessly integrated into your contact center ecosystem. You can get immediate and actionable feedback through a customizable IVR-Survey capability. LiveVox CSat Surveys help you easily see the connections between customer feedback and specific contact center interactions.

Moreover, LiveVox’s CSat Surveys can be combined with the LiveVox Business Intelligence tool to uncover even greater insight such as positive/negative interactions with agents and wait time feedback.

Learn more about the survey use cases and read our product overview.

YESes on LiveVox CSAT Survey Features

  • Post-call surveys provide agent-level feedback and enable managers and coaches to coach/train right agent
  • Voice or SMS survey campaign
  • Live Survey with Agent
  • DTMF and/or free speech entry
  • Escalation capabilities – LiveVox Survey results can trigger immediate transfer or scheduled callback for targeted customers
  • Combination with Business Intelligence
  • Survey-optimized analytics dashboard
  • Root-cause analysis – Warn of problems that could impact sales/profitability

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