October 5, 2022

Contact Center Compliance Tools Overview

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Contact Center Compliance: 9 Necessary Tools + More

Ensuring that your contact center is compliant with FDCPA regulations can be overwhelming. Large fines can be the beginning of the end for some centers if agents don’t take caution in adhering to the rules. In 2021, the FTC refunded over $4.86 MILLION dollars back to customers who received the brunt of FDCPA violations by 17 different debt collection agencies.

Agents should strive to focus primarily on delivering a positive customer experience. Remembering and adhering to the numerous and ever-changing regulations can be impossible for agents. Fortunately, tools that make it easy to comply with regulations through automation and advanced technology exist. Here we will break down a description of different contact center compliance tools and show how they work with call center software to prevent non-compliance issues.

An overview of risk mitigation tools

Human initiated calling

Phone dialers that use human intervention to initiate phone calls to cell phones help call centers stay within legal guidelines. The TCPA bars auto dialers from calling cell phone numbers. However, the LiveVox HCI (Human Call Initiator) dialer mitigates risk as agents click a button to make calls as opposed to using an auto dialer. The feature is also available for text. HTI, or Human Text Initiator, works under the same premise.  

Time zone settings

Timezone settings within dialer software ensure that customers aren’t called after a certain time, regardless of the timezone agents are located. Time zones can prove confusing to agents when they deal with so many everyday. LiveVox offers a feature that identifies account time zones and disables numbers at the right time. These settings prevent agents from calling those numbers belonging to customers after hours.

Contact attempt control

Some regulations prohibit debt collectors from reaching out to the same number more than once in a given period of time. Compliance tools such as the LiveVox Attempt Supervisor give contact centers the reassurance they need when it comes to contact attempt control. It works across multiple channels of communication. Controls are automatically set to limit outreach attempts for SMS, voice, and email within a specific timeframe. These controls cannot be overridden and prevent agents from accidentally violating a regulation.

Do Not Call and cell phone scrubbing

When a customer requests to be put on the Do Not Call list, it is imperative to ensure that they are not contacted. Doing so may result in hefty fines. The LiveVox platform helps prevent contact centers from dialing numbers already on the national Do Not Call list. LiveVox also provides cell phone scrubbing to prevent agents from calling cell phones that could also violate DNC rules.

State dialing settings

Each state may have additional rules concerning contact center outbound efforts. LiveVox uses state dialing settings to ensure that state regulations aren’t violated. Since agents may contact customers residing in numerous states, a feature that automatically mitigates risk within each area helps place agents at ease while they do their job.

Omnichannel consent management

Contact centers must also take care to avoid SMS outbound efforts that could potentially violate federal regulations. LiveVox uses specialized consent management tools to ensure that customers give companies the green light to send them messages via text. Email via the LiveVox platform includes mandated opt-out links as well.

Compliance risk notifications

Through advanced speech recognition tools such as LIveVox’s SpeechIQ with Quality management, users can identify keywords that pose compliance risks. Notifications are automatically sent to supervisors when specific keywords are recognized. This allows them to quickly address potential compliance problems on the spot.

Quality call and screen recording

Keeping thorough records of each call is critical in a time where FDCPA lawsuits regularly occur. LiveVox call recording features makes it easy to find previous calls by looking up keywords. It allows supervisors to quickly retrieve calls in question. In addition, screen recording gives supervisors access to view exactly what each agent was looking at during every call. This gives more context into each customer interaction.

PCI-DSS QSA certification

PCI requirements are expertly met through the LiveVox platform. Their Secure Payment Capture feature ensures that all security requirements are met. Customer payment information is protected and prevents agents from seeing AND hearing any sensitive information.

Risk mitigation in the contact center

Risk mitigation requires a great level of attention. Failing to do so could be detrimental to a contact center’s operations. LiveVox specializes in software that was designed specifically for the contact center.

Laws and regulations within the FDCPA and TCPA  are constantly changing and can be difficult for contact centers to adequately keep up with. LiveVox regularly monitors these and other related laws for updates that could impact its clients. For this reason contact center management can rest assured that using the LiveVox platform reduces the risk of violating any federal regulations. Consider implementing one of the most advanced contact center platforms for your call center that keeps you compliant. Learn more about LiveVox solutions here.

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