February 24, 2023

Contact Center Automation: 4 Ways to Systemize CX

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Keeping up with ever-changing contact center automation technology is important to be able to effectively deliver an enhanced customer experience.

The on-demand generation expects to receive fast and efficient support, but if contact centers aren’t up to date with the tools required to meet these expectations, they risk leaving their customers with an unsatisfactory experience. Staying on top of the right tools and tech that keep contact centers competitive is also important because the vast amount of data that travels daily throughout a contact center must be kept organized and safe from risk.

Automation, which is when workflows are performed without human intervention, has been a significant factor in the successful transformation of the contact center. There are multiple ways to automate workflows, and each one helps increase agent efficiency, maximize productivity, and provide a smooth, seamless experience for customers. In order to understand the benefits that automation brings, here are a few examples of what automation in action looks like in a call center environment.


Automation workflows help verify callers’ identity by gathering customer input and matching that data to their account in the CRM. This speeds up call time and eliminates the need for customers having to repeat their identifying information in case they get transferred. Automation for authentication gives agents more time to focus on the core reason why a customer may be calling in.

Automation workflows help verify callers’ identity by gathering customer input and matching that data to their account in the CRM

Outreach campaigns

Generally when an agent initiates a marketing campaign, the process starts off with an email. If the recipient shows interest, an agent can then follow up with them. If a recipient doesn’t engage at all, it isn’t uncommon for a sales agent to make multiple attempts to reach them. In a contact center, a marketing campaign list of leads can be hundreds of names long. Combined with the daily rush of call center activities, it can be too easy to fail to keep track of leads. At times, although a recipient may show initial interest, they could change their mind. Others may show initial interest weeks later.

This can be quite confusing for agents to efficiently track. However, with automation, this entire process is made much simpler. Automated marketing campaigns follow pre-set rules users implement. These rules tell the software what to do when a customer engages with a marketing email. They can also provide instructions on further communication for those who may have opened an email with no response, and send out scheduled pre-selected email templates after a certain number of days to follow up. The possibilities are endless, and agents can leverage automation tools to customize their interactions in a way that is best suited for the company.

Intelligent IVR & Intelligent virtual assistants

Integrated Voice Response is a system that helps route callers to the right person. Without IVR, callers are left to press selections on the dial pad or speak to an operator for transfer. Automation has helped simplify this process through the use of advanced speech recognition tools. Customers call in and speak their selection into the phone, and the software is able authenticate and automatically route the caller in the right direction. IVR, with the help of an AI virtual agent, can help customers figure out who they need to speak with. This helps avoid wrong department transfers, saving agents’ time and reducing the risk of an escalated call. 


Chatbots are another example of how contact centers have embraced automation

Chatbots are another example of how contact centers have embraced automation. Chatbots function similarly to the way the IVR system does, but they instead communicate with customers through web chat. Chatbots are also capable of efficient routing and identify verification, slashing agents’ handle times in the process. Chatbots can also provide answers to commonly asked questions, and can also help customers with various self-service options. Like the IVR, chatbots save agents time and allow them to focus on the needs of the customer. 

LiveVox contact center automation solutions

With the LiveVox platform, contact centers can easily create and manage their own automated workflows. Chatbots and virtual agents come low and no-code, making it simple for call center management to tailor conversations specific to their needs. The LiveVox IVR system can also be created in a similar way so that callers are provided the right options. LiveVox also offers automated dialing, helping agents reach more people in shorter amounts of time. Predictive dialers can also make a certain number of calls depending on different factors such as agent availability and call volume. This helps prevent agents from getting overwhelmed with back to back outbound calls. The increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency are all benefits that stem from implementing advanced automation technology into the contact center. 

Automation technology is at the core of LiveVox. The automated solutions that LiveVox brings ensure that contact centers are set up for success. With over 20 years of call center solution experience, LiveVox’s automation tools were designed with the unique challenges that call centers face in mind. Learn more about how LiveVox empowers the contact center through powerful technology by requesting more information.  

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