June 13, 2017

How Cloud is Lowering the Cost of TCPA Compliance

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In a recent study of 270+ contact center leaders, the TCPA continues to be a top concern in 2017*. With TCPA lawsuits in 2016 finishing 31.8% higher than the year before**, there is no doubt that the risk of TCPA litigation remains high. In fact, a Forbes article** entitled, “Filing TCPA Lawsuits: ‘It’s What I Do…” highlights how contact centers have become a prime target for opportunistic plaintiff attorneys.

How are contact centers reacting?

In our previous blog, “TCPA lessons from 2016 and How to Apply Them in 2017” we discussed 3 key takeways contact center leaders should consider to mitigate their risk exposure when leveraging cell phones. Despite these and other best practices, the regulatory environment remains uncertain and many businesses continue to react by shifting their operations to manual intensive processes, such as leveraging back-office PBXs to facilitate cell phone outreach. This approach of course dramatically increases overhead costs and minimizes performance capabilities.

Is there a different option than using a glorified admin-phone to run your contact center?

Driving these shifts to a PBX is the lack of effective compliance tools. At the core of this shortcoming is a contact center’s dependency on stagnant, siloed, and capital-intensive hardware. To adapt, existing legacy technology requires large investments in not only budget, but time and resources. For any contact center of size, this would easily amount to millions and a +3-month implementation. In today’s fluid environment, these updates are not only costly, but also at risk of being obsolete after the next regulatory shift. This inability to cost-effectively and quickly adapt technology to the nuances of a changing regulatory environment has resulted in contact centers simply reverting to back-office PBXs.

Cutting-edge Risk Mitigation Capabilities On-Demand

Cloud is solving for this issue by equipping contact centers with a cost-effective path to cutting-edge risk mitigation tools. Without the handicaps of legacy hardware, cloud is providing contact centers with a drastically simplified and low-cost path to the latest TCPA risk mitigation capabiliites.

LiveVox’s TCPA-focused dialing solutions, Four Clouds is a prime example. LiveVox’s Four Clouds consists of 4 separate dialing solutions, 1 automated and 3 human-initiated systems. Each dialing system is available on-demand to meet the specific risk tolerance and desired productivity level of your outreach campaigns. In essence, the Four Clouds provides contact centers with the equivalent of leveraging four different dialing ecosystems on-demand. To replicate these options within a traditional hardware environment is incredibly costly and time consuming – hence yet to be accomplished.

In addition, the efficacy of LiveVox’s Four Clouds approach to TCPA risk mitigation is supported by two separate court rulings, Pozo vs. Stellar Recovery and Smith vs. Stellar Recovery.

To learn more about these rulings, click here.

The fast shifting regulatory environment has shined a greater light on the pitfalls of hardware technology and the benefits of cloud in contact centers. This comes as no surprise that in the same survey of contact center leaders, cloud adoption was also a top ranking requirement in 2017. Don’t get left behind. If you are seeking a cost-effective yet flexible way to minimize your risk exposure, contact us today at info@livevox.com.

In the meantime, join our upcoming webinar featuring TCPA counsel as they discuss the latest approaches to cell phone consent management from real-life use cases and recent court rulings. The webinar, “Examining Cell Phone Consent from Different Angles” takes place Thursday, June 22nd at 11am PT/ 2pm ET.

*2016-2017 study of 270+ contact center leaders in financial services, retail, and healthcare implementing outbound and Telesales

**2016 Year in Review: FDCPA Down, FCRA & TCPA Up -Webrecon.com

*** Filing TCPA Lawsuits: ‘It’s What I Do,’ Says Professional Plaintiff With 35 Cell Phones – Forbes.com

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