May 19, 2022

Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide

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Cloud based contact center solution.

A contact center relies on its software to be able to deliver effective customer service and old legacy technology, with on-premise hardware may be hindering the way customers communicate with your company and vice versa. If you have been considering upgrading, then a cloud-based contact center solution is undoubtedly the right choice due to its advanced functions and scalability. 

A report published by Deloitte states that a quarter of contact centers worldwide have moved their contact center capabilities to the cloud and another 30% were in the process of actively trying to move their contact center to the cloud in the next two years. It’s pretty clear that the future is the cloud. 

However, shopping for a cloud-based contact center software that fits the needs of your contact center is not necessarily an easy feat. So, if you are wondering what you should be keeping an eye out for in your potential contact center solution then check out this guide for recommendations that will serve as your reference when you are on the hunt.

Why Choose Cloud Based?

The traditional contact center engages with customers through channels including phone, email, and a ticketing system. A cloud-based contact center solution can do more than any previous technology and service providers will take care of setting up all the equipment and maintaining servers, for added convenience.

A cloud-based contact center solution provides access to a variety of tools that facilitate a better customer experience and workforce optimization. One of the most important features of this software is the flexibility it gives agents, managers, and even customers. A cloud-based contact center eliminates the need for hardware by providing services through the internet. This means that the software is accessible from any location, which is essential in the age of remote work.

A cloud-based contact center eliminates the need for hardware by providing services through the internet.

With less hardware, operating costs can be reduced. Agent productivity also increases with the use of cloud-based software, as a lot of the manual tasks they need to do with legacy technologies are automated. 

It also allows for greater personalization during the customer journey by integrating services and that is always a positive thing since customers expect a personalized experience. 33% of customers who abandoned a business relationship did so because personalization was lacking. A cloud-based solution is truly unmatched.

What to Look For in a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

A cloud-based contact center has a lot to offer, as was just established. That’s why you need to take your time when looking for a contact center service provider and really do your homework so you choose the best one. Make sure to look for the following qualities to get the most out of your software. 

Omnichannel Capabilities

As the contact center continues to grow, along with the business, then it will naturally want to scale up its operations. This means adding more channels to meet customer needs and letting them choose the method of communication that they prefer. A cloud-based contact center can connect with customers through various channels such as email, social media, SMS, webchat, video chat, instant messaging, mobile app, and more.

When customers are free to choose then satisfaction scores go up, so it’s essential to keep omnichannel support in mind. Be sure to also look for software that allows agents to seamlessly access all these channels so there are no disruptions to the customer interaction.

Reporting and Analytics

Running real-time reports is the best way to measure the success of your team and the contact center as a whole. See various statistics, such as resolution rates, dropped call rates, and agent performance, to help inform and make data-driven decisions going forward about your contact center and keep customers happy. Analytics give you an all-encompassing view of what’s going on in your contact center.

Go with software that gives you options in terms of exactly what analytics you receive and how you receive them. Key metrics can be delivered in a form, like graphs or charts, when and where you want them.  

Security and Compliance

Keeping the contact center secure is a must.

Keeping the contact center secure is a must. Contact centers handle sensitive information on a daily basis and not only is it ethical to protect your customer’s information, it’s the law. HIPAA, TCPA, and PCI DSS govern are the primary security standards that you need to be aware of. Level up your software to ensure the proper encryptions so there are fewer security risks and there are fewer chances for hackers to steal data.

Your cloud-based contact center solution should incorporate a quality management solution that monitors interactions across phone, email, SMS, chat, and any other channels to make sure everything remains in compliance.

Smart IVR

Interactive voice response (IVR) and proper call routing with an automatic call distributor (ACD) are also must-haves in a cloud-based contact center, especially if you have a large team. This will increase first-call resolution rates by guaranteeing that calls are routed to the correct person the first time. Your contact center solution should also allow you to create IVR menu options and include the use of AI to give a better understanding of customer intent and expand on self-service options. 

Integrated CRM

Definitely look for an integrated CRM system, as it will sync information across the platform to keep customer interactions in a centralized, easy-to-access place. This offers a unified experience for both agents and customers. Agents no longer have to go back and forth between multiple screens and can see everything, like customer accounts, purchase history, and previous interactions, from one location. So, customers don’t have to wait for agents to look for their information and have a better experience overall.

Be sure to check out LiveVox for all your contact center needs! Our next-generation contact center platform offers a unified agent and customer experience through the blending of omnichannel, CRM, AI, and workforce engagement management.

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