March 8, 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Spotlight on LiveVox Women Leaders

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Diversity, inclusion, and representation are all important topics in technology. They’re essential for bringing disparate perspectives to product and company initiatives and shaping the impact companies have within the communities they serve. 

Celebrating Influential Women @ LiveVox for International Women’s Day 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day and to recognize Women’s History Month, we spoke with influential women from LiveVox to hear about their tech career trajectories and learn how they’ve taken the initiative to promote diversity and representation across different parts of our business. 

International Women’s Day sets a number of missions to help forge a gender-equal world.

Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality and the need for greater gender parity across industries, especially in leadership, is key.

Here are insights from a select group of our leaders from various departments here at LiveVox who are all change-making doers sparking innovation across our culture. 

Linda Esperance, SVP, People Operations, on the synergy between diversity and business results

“The great part about strengthening leadership in a growth company is that the capabilities that drive business results are the same as those that reinforce a fair, inclusive, and engaging culture. A company culture that values inclusion achieves better business results through more innovation because colleagues spend time and resources to understand and incorporate differing viewpoints. There isn’t a right or wrong, there is an experience, a data set, and a perspective about that data set. In a discussion, we should seek to enlarge our shared data set, which facilitates collaboration about the best way forward. That’s why more diverse companies are more successful and enjoy higher levels of employee satisfaction. I believe listening and exploring diverse perspectives with good intent can achieve constructive understandings leading to innovative breakthroughs and aligned action.” 

Christine Code, Regional VP, Sales, on selling a vision 

“As a sales leader, my job is to influence the way someone perceives a problem or lack thereof.  Whether it be a client, prospect, or colleague, I do my best to sell my vision and inspire that person to take action. The key is to highlight different viewpoints that challenge the status quo. Over the years I’ve learned how to ask questions that foster an environment of learning and where people can feel safe to fail, disagree, and really engage one another. This same approach also opened the door for career mentoring from senior leaders. As I broadened my career aspirations and took on a leadership position, I learned the most rewarding part of my job is watching others succeed. As others have done for me, I strive to show each individual they are a valuable piece of the puzzle we call a team.”

Stephanie Trinh, Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement, on synthesizing a vision

As a marketing leader, I’m focused on uncovering and communicating the value that only LiveVox can offer. A key part of my day-to-day is understanding and aligning a variety of perspectives into a unified vision. This requires a level of openness to internalizing other people’s opinions and focusing on finding common ground, where possible. This can be a challenging process at times, but the output is more meaningful and inspiring. Nurturing and creating visibility for minority opinions allows us to absorb differing viewpoints which elevate our individual ideas. In so doing, it strengthens our ability to solve problems collectively. I’ve found that this approach is not only critical as a leader but also helps pave a path for others to lead.”

Stephanie Wiser, Director, Implementation Services, on being your own role model

“As Implementation Director I tend to think of myself as a doctor of improvisation because I’m responsible for leading a team that helps clients stand up our platform and our circumstances change constantly. So, it’s vital to be able to roll with the punches and not let minor setbacks derail long-term progress. That’s a lesson that’s equally applicable to any career, too. Some days will be easy. Other days will be excruciating. I remind myself to not let the difficult times undo the work I did on days when things followed my plan. Being in a leadership role, it’s clear that you need to define what you want, and then go get it. I’m hopeful that there will be more women that serve as mentors to provide guidance to future leaders because we’re stronger when we support each other.

Diana Yu, Product Manager, on removing unconscious bias

“One of the primary things I do as a Product Manager is represent and communicate the interests of our users and align internal stakeholders around development priorities. There’s no room for making assumptions—I have to create a collective understanding that enables everyone on the team to work from the same information but also empowers independent decision-making at the same time. When I participated in unconscious bias training at LiveVox I saw an opportunity to bring awareness to the ways in which our implicit assumptions get in the way of progress. It’s important for us to be aware of the assumptions we make, whether we’re designing a product or working with people so that we root out biases and create an inclusive environment for different voices and ideas.”

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