October 11, 2022

Call Center Service Providers: How To Find The Right Outsource Partner

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Call Center Service Providers: A Guide To Finding The Right Outsource Partner. What is a call center provider?

It’s not easy to choose the between call center service providers. When the demand for customer assistance exceeds a company’s bandwidth, decisions must be made on how to proceed. Although some businesses opt to develop an internal customer service department, there are still many that choose to outsource instead. Some companies would rather focus on their core business and use an outside call center provider the same way they would an IT company or a marketing agency.

What is a call center service provider?

A call center service provider acts as an external customer service department for companies that do not have an internal one. Call center providers can vary in the services they offer. Some may specialize in outbound calling, inbound calling, or both. 

They can provide several different types of services such as sales, IT support, or help desks. Some set appointments and take messages. Others offer answering services for law firms and doctor’s offices, while others provide dispatch services. 

Agents can be trained to work specifically for one client or with several. Those with IT experience and related education can be trained to offer tech support for different companies. Agents with sales experience can learn a brand’s product or service and help grow a company’s customer base. 

Other call center services can provide administrative support within a company. For example, businesses often contract external HR or payroll companies which have their own call centers. These agents can help employees with questions related to employment or pay.

Why companies opt to outsource customer service

Many companies choose to outsource their customer service departments because they simply do not have the bandwidth to hire and train an internal team of their own. Building a new department solely focused on inbound or outbound calls can take time and money. In addition, some types of support require specialized training and experience, such as HR compliance or accounting certifications. Many call center providers already have the tools and knowledgeable agents to field different types of calls. 

Companies may also choose to focus on their core business instead of areas they aren’t experienced with. Call center operations can become complicated, especially when compliance regulations require experienced management. A company may have to ensure that their customer support departments are either HIPPA-compliant, FDCPA aware, or PCI compliant, depending on the nature of the calls. Hiring a dedicated management team may end up being more expensive than outsourcing a call center service provider.

Why companies opt to outsource customer service

Different services call center providers offer

Depending on the type of business that seeks to outsource call center services, the services that a provider offers can determine whether they are the right fit for a company. Here are some examples of different types of support that call center providers can offer.

24/7 support

Companies that provide auto insurance or internet services may need to be available for their customers at all times. Call center providers may offer 24/7 support for these businesses. At times, a company may outsource a call center provider only for overnight support and use an internal customer service department during the day.

Multilingual support

If a company needs bilingual or multilingual support for its customers, many call center providers employ agents who speak different languages. Customers who don’t speak English can receive the help they need without struggling to translate.

Omnichannel capabilities

Many call center service providers also offer omnichannel support for their clients. Agents can provide assistance via webchat, email, or SMS on behalf of their clients. Call center service providers can even train agents to handle incoming communication requests through social media if a client offers support that way.

Business intelligence

Call center service providers can also help companies plan and strategize by compiling valuable data gathered from all the interactions between agents and customers. Companies can better understand their customers’ needs and behaviors.

IT support

Agents with a background in IT can provide customer assistance for tech companies without an internal department. Call center service providers can place experienced agents in help desk roles or tech support.

Agents with a background in IT can provide customer assistance for tech companies without an internal department

Answering services

Many legal firms and medical practices use answering services through call center service providers to take calls after hours. Agents can reach clients should a customer call in with an emergency.

Outbound lead generation

Companies can use a call center provider to bring in new leads. Trained agents with sales experience can perform outbound calls on behalf of a client to validate leads or close new sales.

Businesses can set themselves up for success by leveraging a customer-centric approach to their operations. If a company doesn’t have the capability to handle incoming customer calls or return messages, they risk losing their customers’ trust. 

Through advanced data-driven call center solutions, LiveVox brings its clients flexible options to support their customers. By using an experienced call center service provider to take care of the support aspect of their business, call center service providers using LiveVox prioritize the customer journey and meet them where they are. 

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