August 10, 2022

Call Center Phone Systems and CRM Integrations

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Call Center Phone Systems and CRM Integrations

One of the top priorities every contact center has at the top of their list is to deliver a wonderful, satisfactory customer experience. Most companies require agents to undergo weeks worth of training before starting on the phones. Training of this caliber generally entails learning a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and equipment / software use. This, along with several shadowing sessions, helps prepare agents for their first day on the phones. 

The CRM that contact centers implement into their operations is one of the main platforms that agents learn how to use. It allows them to execute all job functions. However, the quality of the CRM plays a significant role in an agent’s ability to perform at the contact center’s expectations. 

Ensuring that the CRM a call center uses is up to par involves taking a look at how well it “talks” to the rest of the software and equipment that agents use. Call center phone systems that support agents’ CRM functions allow for increased productivity and much smoother workflows. There are several ways that call center phone systems integrate with CRM platforms. Read on to find out the benefits that a phone system and CRM duo provide when implemented into the call center environment. 

Maximizing the CRM through a phone system solution

Maximizing the CRM through a phone system solution

Phone system solutions such as the LiveVox cloud-based VoIP platform enhance the CRM platform that agents use to perform customer service functions. Here are a few examples of how one phone system can help streamline workflows in the call center environment.

Auto-attendant capabilities

VoIP phone systems work with CRM platforms to deliver customer data to the responsible agent. Auto-attendants allow customers to make selections using the dialpad. They are then routed to the right department. This prevents customers from spending excessive amounts of time getting transferred and on hold. Auto-attendants also help agents maximize their productivity by ensuring that they are connected to customers they can help.

Omnichannel functions

Call center phone systems that integrate with CRM platforms can also provide an omnichannel experience. Customers can reach out to agents through multiple channels including voice, SMS, chat, email, webchat, and more. These functions are critical for an enhanced customer journey. It places the power of choice into the hands of the customer. In addition, unified CRM platforms intake this data from the phone system and deliver the information agents need to provide quality service. Omnichannel capabilities streamline workflows for agents, creating a seamless and efficient experience.


Interactive Voice Response is a feature supported by call center phone systems that uses voice recognition to interact with callers. Customers simply speak their selections and the IVR can route them to the right agent. IVR can also use an integrated knowledge bank to provide answers for customers with commonly asked questions. IVR provides an expansive range of options callers can use to quickly get the assistance they need. 

Self-service options

Self-serve options through IVR completely eliminate the need for customers to speak to an agent. When callers simply need to perform routine account maintenance, IVR gives them the ability to do so. Customers can make payments using IVR. They can also inquire about balances, due dates, tracking information, and even change account profile information. 

Business analytics

Business Analytics for Call Center Phone Systems

Business intelligence is a critical component of a call center’s growth and success. Phone systems that integrate with agent CRM platforms offer numerous features that track and monitor different metrics. Statistics such as average handle times, number of inbound and outbound calls, and scorecards can all be recorded to compare to past performances. 

Contact management

One of the biggest problems agents encounter when working with a CRM is fragmented customer data. Many times duplicate accounts are accidentally created which can negatively impact the customer experience. Call center phone systems can identify inbound calls and match callers to one single account via the CRM. 

Customizable agent desktops

Agents can easily customize their desktop CRM views and avoid needing to flip through different windows. The “single-pane of glass” concept improves agent workflow efficiency and allows them to deliver quality customer service. Automated workflows are made possible through easily configurable desktops. Desktops can be customized according to the agent’s role. In addition, connecting to other data sources outside of the call center CRM is also possible, making workflow automations thoroughly possible.

CRM impact on CX

The convenient solutions provided by a call center phone system through a CRM results in an increase in customer satisfaction. Features such as IVR make customer interactions hassle-free. Omnichannel capabilities provide a quick avenue for customers to request assistance. Solutions that maximize agent efficiency contribute to an improved customer journey. The CRM that provides the right tools agents need make a seamless customer interaction possible. Learn how the LiveVox Unified CRM improves the agent and customer experience through the use of the latest call center software technology.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of software do call center agents use?

Call center agents use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in order to keep track of leads, customer contact information, and call history. A CRM allows agents to expertly deliver customer service by providing accurate data from multiple sources. They also use a special type of software called a softphone. A softphone allows agents to make and receive calls through a CRM using Click-to-Call.

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