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March 29, 2017

Business Intelligence and Analytics with Livevox Cloud

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In our last post, we discussed why Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics is the feature that is most desired by contact center executives in 2017 and how this new data analysis methodology is providing better insights into contact center operations. In this post, we are going to focus on one of the most important decision that you face once you have decided to onboard BI and Analytics for your contact center – building your own on-premises BI or deploying a plug-and-play cloud-based BI.

The traditional BI and Analytic software approach entails purchasing, implementing and managing the system on-premises. This purchase and deploy model, which requires extensive time and technical resource allocation, presents a significant barrier for mid and small size centers, preventing them from acquiring and taking advantage of this crucial business insight system. This barrier is being removed with cloud-based BI solutions that have gained traction in recent years and are proving to be a game changer by reducing the cost of adoption drastically for organizations of all sizes.

With a special focus on contact centers, LiveVox offers Dialing System Integrated Cloud BI and Analytics that provides clients with a streamlined approach to leverage data, gain insights into their operations. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a cloud-based LiveVox BI and Analytics solution.

Why Cloud-Based LiveVox Business Intelligence and Analytics?

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Unlike on-premises BI and Analytic software, cloud-based LiveVox BI solution does not require large upfront hardware investments and ongoing maintenance costs. LiveVox is responsible for all the heavy lifting, including hosting and maintaining the IT infrastructure. We ensure that your BI system is up and running and enhancements are rolled out painlessly and in a timely manner. That means that your IT team does not have to spend a significant amount of their time and budget to stand up the system and keep it running. LiveVox Cloud BI solutions also offer a predictable, pay-as-you-go subscription model transitioning your spending from CapEx to OpEx.

Speed of Implementation and Deployment

LiveVox deployment-ready BI and Analytics solution is available immediately and avoids delays associated with infrastructure procurement and application deployment – drastically reducing the BI roll out time.

Easy Accessibility

LiveVox Cloud-based BI dashboards can be accessed securely on any online device via a URL and login information. We offer on-demand availability and fully support mobile and remote users.

Integrated into the LiveVox Dialing System

Cloud-based LiveVox BI solution is tightly integrated into the LiveVox Dialing System that leverages the rich LiveVox data set with campaigns, KPIs, contact center and agent performance. The integrated LiveVox BI solution comes with pre-built reports specific for your contact center operations and avoids the hassles of integrating and configuring a generic BI tool.

LiveVox Business Intelligence and Analytics Feature Highlights

Pre-built and Customized Dashboard/Reports

LiveVox Business Intelligence not only offers pre-built reports but also gives you the ability to generate ad-hoc and custom reports that cater to your unique user-based reporting requirements.

The Analyze function enables you to easily add and remove dates as well as change the window in a report. The LiveVox BI solution allows you to measure KPIs and compare against organization goals. You can create reports for companywide and business line data and analyze them by hours of the day for instance.

Intuitive and Interactive Interface – Easy to Drill Down

LiveVox BI provides you with the ability to drill, slice, dice, and pivot your data through easy-to-use self-service capability. You can dynamically create new views using a different metric, creating month-to-date and year-to-date comparison models. You can easily compare between Agency vs. Individual performance.

Multi-Dimensional Metric

Instead of viewing data one-dimensionally, easily drag and drop additional metrics on reports to uncover new statistics. In the graph below of Total calls vs. RPC (Secondary axis) reveals that if the number of calls are less, then RPC can artificially go up. Looking only at RPC% would not have revealed this.

Metric Editor and Advanced Statistical Analysis

LiveVox BI eases the configuration of new Metrics and KPIs on the fly. It is simple to use and comes packaged with pre-built analytical functions to help extract key business metrics. It includes a familiar Excel-like easy to use formula engine, allowing you to easily configure and run various advanced statistical analysis such as Correlation, Linear Regression, and Percentiles to address more advanced reporting requirements.

Sharing and Collaboration: Easily Share Reports/Dashboard with clients/different teams

LiveVox BI simplifies the process of retrieving and sending reports to various audiences. Automatic Report Delivery saves time and effort as you do not need to manually generate and send any recurring reports to your clients or contact center managers. Reports and dashboards can be emailed automatically on a defined schedule freeing you up from the manual process that is time-consuming and error-prone.

You can also Embed Dashboards and make them accessible to different users on SharePoint, and Salesforce without the need to logging into BI and Analytics Systems. You can also very easily export your data into an Excel and in other formats with a click of a button.

To learn more about the LiveVox Business Intelligence and Analytics solution, contact us to set up a demo.

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