August 3, 2021

Building an AI Program with LiveVox is Easy

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Building an AI Program with LiveVox is Easy

Artificial intelligence facilitates easier, more intuitive interactions for both agents and customers. Over time, a track record of great interactions adds up to a base of loyal customers and a balance sheet of strong revenue. Are you harnessing AI to its full potential?

Here, we’ll explain how to identify the self-service opportunities that are primed for AI applications and how LiveVox is positioned to help you implement them. But first, let’s examine the case for building a contact center AI program in the first place. 

3 benefits of AI-powered contact center tools

Here are three of the biggest things AI-powered self-service tools can help you do. 

Respond to high call volumes. Managing call volume has always been a call center priority, but even more so in the wake of the pandemic, when customer service calls surged. When not managed effectively, high call volume can lead to ineffective service, which threatens the customer experience. AI-powered self-service channels like live chat give customers an alternative that can alleviate heavy call loads.

Lower wait times. Long wait times correlate with unhappy customers and more abandoned calls. Wait times have been unprecedented in recent months for many industries, with callers to one major airline reportedly being quoted a colossal wait time of 41 hours. AI can dramatically reduce wait times for customers, especially those with a routine issue that can be quickly and easily remedied.

Reduce handle times. Handle times are rising in many contact centers as a higher percentage of calls are now inbound. AI can lighten the load on overworked agents, especially when it comes to repetitive, unengaging tasks that can contribute to agent frustration. 

How to use LiveVox to build smart self-service options

Using AI to better serve your customers is easy with a cloud-based, next-generation contact center platform. Here are five key ways LiveVox can help.

Determine intent

The first step in adding convenient self-service options is to make a list of the primary reasons customers contact you. For most brands, the majority of calls cover only a handful of topics. Are people calling to make new bookings? Pay their bills? Start or stop service? Upgrade their plan? What percentage does each of these topics represent within your overall call volume?

To find out, you could review your calls manually, which would take countless hours, or send out surveys to your agents, which would be subjective and not entirely accurate. Or, you could use speech analytics to easily and instantly analyze 100% of your calls to screen for the customer’s intent. 

An AI-powered speech recognition engine transcribes calls and processes the data on the day of upload. Insights are produced on everything from customer sentiment to the reason for the call, helping you get a broad overview of your customers’ intent, fast. 

Identify easy wins

Not all calls are self-serviceable, but once you look at the data, you might be surprised how many are.

Once you’ve identified the intent for the majority of your calls, tie them to the relevant service requests–open a new account, draft an ACH payment, and so on. Flag the processes that are a good fit for self-service. These are your easy wins. 

Supplement with virtual agents

LiveVox makes it easy and fast to launch a division of virtual agents and apply it to self-serviceable calls without a lot of heavy lifting on the technical side. Unlike an automated phone tree, which is rigid and unchanging from one call to the next, virtual agents facilitate an open-ended conversation that adapts based on the nature of the call. 

With the combination of AI and natural language processing, calls can be addressed within a humanlike conversation without the need for a live agent’s involvement. The no-code implementation makes getting started quick and painless, while machine learning ensures the system is constantly evolving and getting more effective over time

Personalize the experience

We’ve already discussed the benefits of virtual agents in terms of improving your service times, but they also offer big benefits in another aspect of the customer experience: personalization. With virtual agent conversations, customer data like name and support history can be accessed and incorporated in real-time for a highly personalized experience. 

Furthermore, AI-powered chatbots can capture even more customer information during the conversation, like their preferred contact method, and add it to the customer’s profile to enhance future interactions. This fuels an efficient and effective personalization engine. 

Refine and improve over time

Machine learning means your collective knowledge base grows over time, producing virtual agents that are constantly getting better, faster, and more precise. Intuitive reporting allows you to quickly access the analytics that matter to your business and identify metrics that could indicate service shortfalls, like your most common drop-off points or the most frequently used customer phrases. The result is an AI program that’s easy to update and always seeking out opportunities for improvement.

LiveVox was built for the needs of the modern contact center, with intuitive AI functionality that’s seamless to implement. To learn more about getting started with virtual agents, watch Leveraging Practical AI with LiveVox. In this free webinar, several of our top business and product managers will share actionable strategies for putting AI into practice in your contact center. Click here to view it now.

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