July 10, 2022

Benefits of Using Call Center Screen Recording Software

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5 Benefits of Screen Recording Software for Your Contact Center

Call center screen recording software helps you turn your customer service conversations into a gold mine of insights that can flag important issues, drive new product developments and help you continuously improve your customer experience. 

As your business–and the resulting volume of conversations–grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to capture the valuable nuggets of wisdom from every individual call. Call center screen recording allows you to easily monitor 100% of your contact center’s customer interactions in a way that’s not only practical, but that keeps you on the right side of the law and drives business outcomes. 

Here, we’ll reveal the benefits of incorporating screen recording solutions into your contact center workflows. But first, let’s get an overview of how call screen recording software works.  

How screen recording works 

If your work involves using a computer, you’ve probably viewed screen capture video recordings when doing things like learning to use a new piece of software or getting a demo from a prospective vendor. It’s just like watching over the shoulder of someone who’s showing you something on their computer, except it has the added advantage of being able to be viewed anytime, anywhere, and played back as often as you want. Screen capture is pretty commonplace–but how does it work, exactly?

Screen capture software takes a digital recording of what’s happening on a computer screen through a series of fast-moving screenshots, ideally as many as 60 frames per second. A call recording solution may also capture audio, which is useful for gathering context on what’s happening as the user navigates around the screen. 

Screen capture is often used in tandem with video conferencing to create a record of a live interaction, blending the conversation between the participants with what’s happening on the screen. In a call center setting, screen capture software enables companies to secure a permanent record of every interaction between agents and customers. These virtual call records can be accessed in perpetuity for a variety of purposes, which we’ll discuss next. 

Call center screen recording with video conferencing captures every interaction between agents and customers

5 Benefits of screen recording for contact centers

1. Minimize legal risks

In a contact center environment, it’s essential for agents to deliver legal disclosures clearly, accurately, and at the appropriate time in every conversation. Doing so keeps customers informed and reduces the company’s legal liability. 

Screen recording helps managers ensure key business requirements, like communicating legal statements and obtaining consent, are being fulfilled consistently and in adherence with brand standards. Taking one step further, you can combine screen recording with speech analytics and get instant alerts when these things aren’t happening so you can take the appropriate action quickly.

2. Facilitate quality management

When breakdowns in customer communication occur, the most important question to ask is “why?” 

Using a call recording tool with built-in keyword analysis helps you answer this all-important query, analyzing the sentiment of every call and scoring it with advanced AI capabilities. The result is a powerful set of at-a-glance quality assurance scorecards that can be used to identify communication best practices and flag opportunities to strengthen your service standards moving forward.

3. Improve agent performance

You can build upon the quality management insights you gain from screen recording by using them to train new agents and coach existing ones. 

Let’s say you identify an example of exceptional contact center performance by one of your agents, like a series of highly effective dispute resolutions. Call center screen recording software makes it easy to quickly locate the related screen activity and make it available as a coaching resource. This has the potential to massively improve agent performance and call outcomes. 

This style of example-based agent coaching doesn’t just lead to better customer service. It can also help you motivate and retain your top performers. In a survey of workers aged 18 to 35, 60% said they’d choose a job with strong professional development opportunities like coaching over a similar one with regular pay raises. Fifty-three percent said having access to such opportunities would make them stay longer than they planned at any given job. 

4. Gather data-backed insights 

Screen recording software gives you complete visibility into your agent-customer interactions, which is an invaluable asset in terms of data. 

With a combined analysis of every phone call and the accompanying screen activity, you have the power to learn from both individual conversations and collective trends. These can be a transformative source of business insights. 

Here are just a few examples:

  • Spotting a continuous customer pain point that reveals a previously unknown UX issue
  • Identifying a frequently requested feature that leads to the development of a new product 
  • Flagging glowing customer feedback that lends itself to powerful marketing campaigns

These data points can drive significant business gains in the form of product innovation, revenue growth, and increased customer satisfaction ratings

5. Find interactions that matter

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and replay a conversation, maybe to remember how you solved a problem or identify the exact phrasing that was effective in a challenging situation? Screen recording makes that possible. 

Utilizing advanced search and filtering capabilities allows you to quickly comb through thousands of calls based on almost any data point, including keywords, phrases, and even your own metadata. Track down customer interactions for use in case studies, locate examples of successful troubleshooting, gather positive testimonials, and more. 

Call recording software call search feature

Industries that benefit from screen recording 

Call centers aren’t the only types of businesses that can greatly benefit from screen recording software. Here are a few more areas where screen capture can be a powerful and profitable professional tool.  

Work from home

Screen capture gives managers a reliable way to make sure remote workers are completing a steady stream of work. Not all screen captures are continuous video recordings; screen recording software can also take pictures of a user’s screen at set intervals, like every five or ten minutes. This gives team leaders a way to ensure their reports are staying on task without micromanaging their every on-screen interaction. 

Online businesses

When your business is done virtually, screen recording makes it easy to give a virtual sales pitch to prospects or show your remote teammates what you’re working on. It can help online businesses gain a greater understanding of the workflows of various team members and be used to create documentation of the business’ systems. 


A call recording solution opens up a world of possibilities for corporations needing to conduct training for employees in disparate locations. The ability to add audio narration and/or a video conferencing stream of the narrator means training can take place live and then be offered as a perpetual eLearning resource for viewing at employees’ convenience. 

Your call center recording system and risk mitigation

It’s often the case that the main goal of a call recording system is risk mitigation. Call center recording systems will be implemented to comply with local and state regulations which vary by the region the contact center is located in. The data collected by call recording systems are also subject to regulations like GDPR which governs the right for consumers to access any of their personal data stored or collected by an organization. 

Tools like agent scripts are helpful with call center recording system risk mitigation because they ensure all conversations are handled in accordance with predetermined guidelines and instill the habit of opening customer conversations with consent capture for recording. 

Key features of a contact center call recording software

Some basic features of contact center call recording software include: 

Call recording software is powered by a speech recognition engine that very quickly and accurately transcribes calls, LiveVox’s call recording software SpeechIQ offers numerous features, including the ability to redact calls, search by keyword lists, retrieve and listen to calls, create manual and automated scorecards, and evaluate call sentiment. 

The takeaway: Boost performance and quality with screen recording 

A fully integrated contact center platform combines call recording and screen capture features with an intuitive agent dashboard to optimize your contact center performance. AI-powered speech analytics tools let you stay on top of every conversation, while compliance management features help mitigate risk. Learn more about the ways your contact center can employ screen recording by scheduling a free demo today.

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