January 6, 2022

Anyone Can Create Customer Service Chatbots with LiveVox’s eLvee

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Design a chat or SMS virtual agent to provide a great customer experience.

Customer service chatbots are a lifesaver for thousands of companies. Every day, chatbots assist customers 24/7 with quick questions about their accounts, appointments, pricing, and other topics related to a company. 

Customer service chatbots also help companies save time and money by intercepting customers who only need minimal help. This frees up hold time for clients that need human interactions and reduces call volume for busy contact centers. 

At LiveVox, we understand how important time is for our clients. According to a study by Fast Cloud Consulting, 64% of agents whose companies use AI (artificial intelligence) spend most of their time solving complex customer problems. What does that mean for your customers? 

Those who have the most difficult and most time-consuming problems get top-quality help at a much faster rate. Agents do not need to spend time with several customers who call in with easy and fast questions. Several “quick” calls like that can add up to hours each day.

Each minute on the phone that ticks by is an extra minute a customer has to wait. This is why we decided to introduce our own customer service chatbot, eLVee, as part of our omnichannel solutions. 

Implementing chatbots into your company’s workflow can easily seem like a daunting task. Maybe you picture an ultra-experienced computer coding genius setting up customer service chatbots for businesses. Does that thought make you feel hesitant about AI

Worry not! Anybody that can point and click can create their own unique and customized customer service chatbots on the LiveVox platform. Our program is as simple as dragging and dropping. Really! That’s it!

How to set up your chatbots on the LiveVox platform

The LiveVox visual box editor makes it really easy to create your online live chat agent. Here is a brief overview of the basic steps using the decision tree method:

  1. Open up your LiveVox visual bot editor. 
Creating a customer service chatbot on the LiveVox platform is as simple as point and click.
  1. For a customer support chatbot, click on the customer support template. 
  2. You will see that there are six fields for FAQ separated by two categories, but you can add/delete to whatever works best for you. 
  3. Once you decide how many categories to use, you can start building your decision tree. You will notice that the first question is usually something like, “How can I help you?”
  4. You then simply drag and drop category boxes onto the builder, which represent the question categories a customer’s query could fall into. 
  5. If a customer types in, “Make a payment,” you could create a billing category. This category would then present a new option (or options) for the client that you would drag and drop after their reply. For example, your bot could say, “Got it. You’d like to make a payment. What is your account number?”
  6. You could branch out a few different replies by dragging and dropping more relevant information answer boxes. Think about what a customer might say, such as “I don’t know it” or “where can I find it?”

That is typically what the workflow looks like when creating your own eLVee. It is really intuitive and easy to grasp. 

Using your chatbots for SMS

You can also use LiveVox customer service chatbots for text messaging. Mapping out the questions and answers involves the same steps when creating the workflow for the live chat virtual agent. Your company will have a designated phone number that a customer can send text messages to. 

The same interaction you would expect with an online chatbot also happens through text. Providing different channels of communication for your customers and allowing them to contact you through their preferred method results in higher quality service. 

You can use customer service chatbots for SMS to conveniently resolve customer issues via text.

Get more benefit from AI

In addition to freeing up agents’ time and providing faster service for customers, the LiveVox AI-powered customer service chatbots have many other advantages. 

CRM Integration: When a customer chats or texts in and asks a question, our chatbots can “talk” to your LiveVox CRM. Whether it’s a new lead or an existing client, our bot links seamlessly with your CRM and updates event records in real-time. 

This makes your agents’ jobs much simpler by allowing them to pull up chat records to revise a customer’s past interactions with your company. A study by Info Link showed that 83% of customers have to repeat their problems to many agents. 

Luckily, your customer service chatbot already knows to update your CRM. When that same customer calls back later, there will be no need for them to have to repeat their issue over and over again. 

Contact Manager Integration: Update your contact lists with your LiveVox chatbot. When a new lead reaches out to you through chat or SMS, they can provide their name and number (as long as you have inserted a name/number box into the decision tree).

This information can trigger the bot to create a new contact in your Contact Manager. Now you have warm leads placed right into your hands. Your sales representatives can easily follow up on these requests with all the necessary basic information at their fingertips.  

Tracking Analytics: Your LiveVox customer service chatbot can provide new and valuable analytics into your company’s support operations. You could compare resolution rates through chat versus phone. Data could also show which channel of communication provides the fastest service. Track keywords that customers type in to identify gaps that may need your attention. 

Using AI and implementing customer service chatbots into your company’s operations has never been this easy. Our intuitive platform allows you to create a unique virtual agent simply through a few clicks and drag and drop. Your clients will appreciate the on-demand and timely support. 

Agents will have the time to dedicate their help to customers who need to speak with someone. AI will undoubtedly provide a smoother experience for everyone in your company, resulting in higher customer satisfaction ratings overall.

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