December 14, 2022

ACD Phone System Integrations: 4 Must Have Features

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Automatic call distributors (ACD Phone System) are responsible for routing inbound calls to a call center to the right person. The way ACD systems function has changed significantly over the past decade.

Omnichannel communication has taken the place of many traditional voice-only call centers. As a result, ACD systems are now capable of routing incoming communication from different sources in addition to voice.

LiveVox’s ACD solution is designed to manage omnichannel communication. Effective routing capabilities are important for call centers because customers expect to be connected to the right department the first time. The customer journey can be negatively impacted if customers are transferred to the wrong department or agent. It results in frustration and longer wait times. LiveVox leverages advanced technology to enhance its call distributor’s performance. Below you’ll find a description of the four most common ACD phone integrations LiveVox provides for optimal call center efficiency.

Chatbots enhance traditional ACD systems by providing customers with self-service options


Chatbots enhance traditional ACD phone system by providing customers with self-service options. They can answer frequently asked questions, avoiding the need for a transfer to a live agent. They are also capable of communicating with other platforms to provide information such as a tracking status. LiveVox has developed AI-powered chatbots that support customers through online chat. They are simple to set up. Users can configure the bot with custom sets of questions and answers. Many companies add chat options on their websites. Customers can access the chat feature and start a conversation with a bot. If customers are unable to find the answers they need within the pre-programmed answers, LiveVox chatbots can route customers to a live agent on chat. The answering agent would have access to the already-verified customer’s account. This seamless transition from chatbot to live agent provides a better customer experience.

Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are highly advanced versions of chatbots. LiveVox Virtual Agents use powerful AI tools to have more natural-sounding conversations with customers. Speech analytic tools transcribe virtual agents’ dialogue to provide sentiment analysis reports for call center management. In addition, virtual agents are highly efficient in their call routing abilities. SpeechIQ can better transcribe what customers are saying than a traditional IVR system. This ensures that customers are routed to the right person. Virtual agents are able to authenticate customers before transferring them over to a live agent. This saves agents’ time and makes for a more productive workflow. Virtual agents can also provide self-serve options for maximum efficiency. Instead of routing those customers with simple requests, virtual agents are capable of engaging in a conversation with callers to perform various types of account maintenance-related tasks. 


Customer relationship management software, also known as a CRM, is the pinnacle of any call center operation. The CRM hosts a wealth of data about companies’ customers and prospects. Each customer’s information is located in an account that agents can access to perform customer service tasks. Typical information includes name, account number, phone number, and call history. LiveVox integrates its call distributor into its CRM platform for a seamless agent and customer experience. Instead of having to navigate different platforms, agents instead receive routed calls that when answered, prompt the CRM to launch the caller’s account.

Customer relationship management software, also known as a CRM, is the pinnacle of any call center operation

Agents automatically get the customer’s information right at their fingertips. This allows them to provide a smooth experience. The customer journey can take a downturn when workflows are disjointed. If an agent answers the phone and asks a customer to repeat information they already divulged to an IVR, the risk of escalation increases. The CRM ACD phone integration is one of the most valuable combinations because it promotes a frictionless experience for customers too.


SpeechIQ is a speech analytics tool that LiveVox developed to give call centers a way to improve their levels of customer satisfaction. SpeechIQ can be leveraged in numerous ways. It provides speech analysis that gives call center leadership insight into their customer’s emotions. SpeechIQ provides qualitative and quantitative results for call center management that help drive important business decisions. It also provides an efficient way for team supervisors to monitor and coach their agents. LiveVox’s SpeechIQ is able to identify high-risk keywords that could negatively impact the customer journey. Combined with LiveVox’s ACD phone system, SpeechIQ helps improve the customer experience as they call in. The system is able to accurately understand words and apply their correct meaning. This helps avoid frustration on the customer’s end. Calls can quickly become escalated when already-upset customers are transferred to the wrong department. The LiveVox ACD routes customers according to the information transcribed from the SpeechIQ tool. Together, these two ensure that customers are transferred to the right person the first time. 

LiveVox’s ACD phone integrations are designed specifically to elevate and optimize call center workflows. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, LiveVox understands the needs of the call center. Learn more about how LiveVox works by requesting a demo here.  

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