June 1, 2022

6 Ways Retailers Can Generate Revenue with Their Contact Center

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6 Ways Retailers Can Generate Revenue with Their Contact Center

Wondering how to drive sales in retail as a manager? The competition is steep, so your strategy should look something like the below list.

Be customer-centric

Every retailer should aspire to give impeccable customer service. Focus on the customer’s needs instead of focusing on upselling. The old sales tactics no longer work like they used to (did they ever?). 

Never underestimate the power of listening skills. When you are more attuned to a customer’s needs you are better able to solve their problems with the products you sell. By listening to a customer’s needs it is likely you will make a customer feel good about their interaction, and thus your products. 

Don’t be afraid to provide customers with other recommendations even if it is not a product you are offering. This approach will build trust and are far more likely to re-visit in the future. Think long-term relationship-building, not short-term sales. 

How to use customer experience to drive sales in retail

Personalize offerings and experiences. One way to achieve this is by offering loyalty programs that have been proven to create more loyal customers. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. If you’re starting out, launch a simple loyalty program with rewards, discounts, or other special incentives that are designed as a reward for a customer’s repeat business.

Eliminate the wait

Long check-out lines are a quick way to lose sales. In fact, research has shown that Americans will abandon a checkout line after waiting for 8 minutes. Make it easy for customers to complete their transactions and forget the traditional cash registers and on-premise point of sale (POS) systems. 

To avoid losing sales, try cloud-based POS systems and make “waiting in line” a thing of the past. Your staff will be better able to serve customers if they can ring up sales anywhere in the store. This helps customers get in and out of your store as fast as possible, which is what most of them want anyway.

Keeping your store well-staffed is another easy way to avoid long wait times. This is particularly true during busy periods. Look at your store data to figure out your peak hours, then ensure that you have enough employees and registers to handle the rush.

Automate retail sales

When you want to know how to drive sales in retail as a manager, a good sales strategy starts with delegating tasks. Back-office automation streamlines manual, repetitive processes that are otherwise too time-consuming. To start, you can re-engage with in-active customers through email campaigns or automate your website chat support.  

How to drive sales in retail as a manager.

You can drive a whole lot of retail sales by re-engaging inactive shoppers with catchy retargeting campaigns reminding them of what they left behind. But rather than going through your database manually, you can trigger email sends automatically based on previous engagement behaviors.

Delight by actioning data

Automation allows you to identify and track customer journeys. You have access to the products they bought, when it was purchased, how much they spent, and much more. Pairing this information with additional basic data, such as the customer’s name, their locations, or the type of organization they are in helps you to neatly package and suggest your products in a targeted way.

You can use your customer’s data to support your cross-sell and upsell strategy. Cross-selling is one of the most effective methods of marketing. If done efficiently, cross-selling can translate into significant profits.   

Training based on human connection

Level up your staff training. New features and fancy gadgets don’t always increase sales in retail, it is really about being more human and making connections. Retailers train. Be clear on sales goals and make sure you are incentivizing the behavior that will achieve those goals. 

If you want them to have strong sales skills, train your sales staff that no task is that important, that customer purchases pay their salary, and unless they’re with a customer already, they should stop what they’re doing to help shoppers every time.

Offer expert help

If you can demonstrate added value by offering expert help to people browsing in your shop, you’re much more likely to convert them to buyers – and less likely to lose them to the online competition.

You have to be well trained in how to build rapport to become a trusted advisor and a product knowledge specialist. You can gain the competitive edge you’re looking for if you have an intimate knowledge of your business. 

Be authentic. Be responsive and consistent. Take on feedback and implement it in your brand and products moving forward.

Build brand awareness in out-the-box ways

These days, when you are figuring out how to drive sales in retail as a manager, it’s nearly impossible to be a successful retailer if you are solely relying on a brick-and-mortar store. According to SmartInsights, 81% of shoppers research their products online before purchasing. So, of course, retailers should have an online presence. Having an “online presence” doesn’t just mean having a transactional website. 

A little bit of work will go a long way. Make it easier for people to find your store online, research your product offerings, and most importantly, locate you. Your goal is to make it easy for customers to see that you have what they need. Things like a social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google My Business (GMB) are fantastic tools to get discovered by more potential customers in your area.

Get creative with your online presence and grab attention in out-of-the-box ways. Did you know you can also use your knowledge center articles to further your brand’s reach? Strategically written help center content can pop up in search queues and lead a curious new customer your way. 

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