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July 10, 2019

5 Keys to Exceed Customer Service Expectations in the Digital Age

Today’s digital customers expect companies to offer a top-notch customer service experience as delivered by leading companies such as Amazon and Nordstrom. They want a quicker and efficient resolution to their issues. They get frustrated if they must repeat themselves or if companies don’t know their contact history across all channels. 

Delivering an excellent customer experience is no longer a choice but a customer mandate. The quality of the customer service has a tremendous impact on a business’s bottom line – in other words, it can make or break a business. Accenture found that 61% of customers switched companies, citing frustrating customer service as the top reason.

The Customer Experience Disconnect

Despite new proof of CX’s importance in customer acquisition and retention, many companies lag in their effort to evolve their customer services strategies. In a PWC publication, 54% of U.S. consumers said customer experience at most companies needs improvement. Also, the CFI group states that customer satisfaction is at an all-time low – 3% points lower than 2018.  


How can companies reduce the customer experience gap?  

Let’s look at the new capabilities and strategies that are critical to delivering great customer service and improving customer satisfaction. 

1. Expand Digital Engagement and Self-Service

Today, customers value efficiency and convenience most in their customer service experience. For simple issue resolution, customers prefer to use faster digital channels or try out self-service options. Many of these customers visit the company website to look for their answers. Adding live chat, FAQ section, or chatbots on the website helps meet the responsive customer service requirements. 

PWC Publication – Consumer Intelligence Series

In the 2019 LiveVox Customer Care Report, though over 60% contact center leaders agreed that webchat is the fastest growing channel, they also revealed that they heavily rely on phone and email channels today to resolve customer issues. Another HubSpot report states that 76% of companies weren’t offering a live chat option on their website.  

Adding digital-centric channels is a win-win for companies not just to meet customer demands but also reduce operational costs by enabling agents to move from a 1-to-1 to a 3-1 interaction ratio in an asynchronous manner.  

2. Unify all Customer Conversations and Ticketing Data in One Place

As companies expand customer engagement channels, they interact with customers and receive customer support through various methods of communication. It is critical to centralize all the conversations along the customer journey. Additionally, it is important to keep track of customer support cases by converting them into tickets. 

This requires a robust, fully-integrated modern CRM that can unify all customer conversations and multichannel ticketing data into universal customer profiles. Agents have all relevant and contextual data to help customers and resolve their issues faster. 

But surprisingly, only 28% of companies reported using tickets or customer relationship management (CRM) software in their customer service department. ~ HubSpot

3. Improve CX with Customer Feedback and Interaction Analytics

Gathering customer feedback and knowing what makes the customer happy or frustrated is key to improving the customer service experience. To effectively gather immediate and actionable customer feedback, contact centers need a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey solution that is fully integrated into existing engagement channels.  

Also, to make feedback data useful, managers should have complete visibility into the comprehensive customer journey and interaction analytics. This allows them to make faster and smarter decisions to drive their customer service teams performance. However, leveraging these capabilities to optimize the customer journey remains a challenge as contact centers are often unable to centralize the customer data. 

4. Empower Agents to Deliver Excellent Customer Support  

A critical piece of providing customer-centric experiences is empowering agents with customer journey information. But agents often lack the necessary customer information to drive personalized and speedy call resolutions. One of the key capabilities that empower agents to resolve issues faster is advanced screen pops that combine customer profile information and interaction history data from all relevant touch points. In addition, providing accurate and consistent feedback on their performance as well as training agents on best practices enable them to deliver positive experiences. 

5. Deliver True Omnichannel Experience 

As contact centers accelerate multichannel adoption, it is important to provide their customers with a seamless customer journey. Customers want to know that they are interacting with your company and not a variety of channel silos. The last thing they want is to repeat themselves when they are transitioning between channels or connecting to an agent.  

A true omnichannel platform solves this challenge by closing the cross-channel gap and integrating new channels into existing workflow strategies.  


Providing top-notch customer service is key to retaining customers, increasing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with existing customers as well as acquiring new customers. Contact usto learn how LiveVox is leading the innovation in customer service experiencewith cutting-edge, true omnichannel capabilities. 

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