August 9, 2022

5 Inbound Call & Contact Center Services

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Overview of Inbound Call Center Services - inbound call definition

Companies whose customers require a wide variety of services commonly contract call centers to help provide support. Call centers are optimized to handle inbound and outbound calls. Many businesses rely on the expertise and equipment call centers already have set in place. 

What is an inbound call center company?

Inbound call centers are companies that generally consist of agents who are trained to a particular client’s services. They may be remote or in-person employees. Call centers house either on-premise or cloud-based phone networks. These phone systems give agents the capability to make and receive thousands of calls simultaneously. 

When a business chooses to outsource their customer service team they do so with confidence. It is comparable to how businesses contract other services such as marketing or accounting. 

What is an inbound call center company?

Contact and call center services

Call centers offer numerous services for their clients. These services aim to continuously enhance the customer journey. Call center workflows are set up in a way that allows agents to effortlessly deliver high-quality service. Below are several different services that inbound contact centers generally provide. 

Omnichannel Communication

Call center companies realized early on the significant impact different channels of communication have within the customer service and tech support industries. For this reason, call centers have adopted highly-advanced software that supports omni-channel communication.

Agents can use their CRM to access inbound requests via voice, SMS, webchat, email, and more. This highly convenient option provides flexibility for customers who prefer other modes of communication. 

Data and Analytics

Contact center business intelligence is an important component of any company’s future growth and success. Call centers are able to record calls and other data. They gather these metrics and are able to create a clear picture about several important aspects of business. 

For example, call data recorded can reveal common concerns customers may have. It can also highlight busy call times or triggers. Companies can narrow down best marketing practices. They can also find the most successful agent scripts through the analytics that inbound call centers can provide.

Self-serve Capabilities

Businesses know that in today’s world, customers are constantly on the go. Inbound call centers are able to provide customers the option to perform routine account management tasks alone. This eliminates the need to communicate with a customer care agent. 

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a feature that call center phone systems use to make self-serve tasks simple for customers. IVR uses advanced speech recognition to understand what a customer is saying over the phone. Customers can use IVR to ask common questions, make payments, and check due dates or balances.

Tech Support

It has become commonplace for companies to contract the tech support they provide for their clients. Tech support agents are highly trained and experienced individuals. They help customers troubleshoot issues they may be having. 

Call centers can provide the tools tech support agents need for greater call resolution rates. Unified CRM platforms allow the seamless transfer of data between agents and departments. This ensures that tech support agents have a holistic view of customer accounts.

Finance Support

Many companies also use inbound call centers to capture payments. Accepting payments over the phone involves numerous regulations and compliance rules. Businesses use inbound call centers to ensure proper adherence. Call centers with finance support teams are experienced and highly-aware of regulations they must comply with.

Inbound call centers as a solution

Inbound call centers as a solution

Companies are constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways to enhance the customer experience. Inbound call centers have helped identify the workflows that best accomplishes this. Omnichannel and self-service options bring greater flexibility to the customer. This adds to a positive customer experience because it acknowledges customer lifestyles and preferences. 

Businesses who value data-driven identification of areas of improvement use call centers to learn more about their customers. Companies need reliable metrics to clearly understand how to best interact with their customers. Call centers provide highly-detailed information through carefully recorded calls and statistics. 

Inbound call centers are also the solution for many companies who rely on a steady source of tech support. This relieves the need for businesses to hire their own IT department and instead leave it to an experienced call center. 

Consider the benefits that an experienced inbound call center services can bring to your company. Take advantage of the support and insight they bring. LiveVox provides call centers with the right equipment and platforms needed to ensure a satisfactory customer journey.

Frequently asked questions

How many incoming calls can a call center tech handle?

The number of incoming calls a call center tech or agent can handle can vary depending on the type of calls they receive. However, a typical call center agent can handle about 50 calls a day. 

What is an inbound call center solution?

An inbound call center solution is what businesses use to outsource various types of customer phone support such as IT or customer service. 

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