October 6, 2022

5 Customer Service Platform Features You May be Missing

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5 Customer Service Platform Features You May be Missing

When customer service agents have the right tools to deliver excellent support, customers receive an enhanced interaction that they will attribute to a company brand. High-quality customer service software also provides a smooth experience for agents. Quickly solving problems for customers who call in boosts agents’ confidence, leading to greater job satisfaction.  

What is a customer service platform? 

A customer service platform is a bundle of solutions with various functions that agents use within the context of a call center to provide customer support. It can do more than simply provide a place to store customer information. Functions in a customer service platform usually include: 

  • Communication  
  • Data storage
  • Performance monitoring 
  • Analytic tools

How do customer service platforms work? 

How do customer service platforms work

Customer service platforms primarily work by giving agents access to a CRM. Customer Relationship Management software is usually the first step in the caller’s journey. Agents then access other tools within the platform to get customers the help they need. Below are in-depth descriptions of the many aspects of a customer service platform with brief overviews of how they allow agents to do their jobs. 

Customer database

A CRM stores customer data and allows agents to view critical information about customers during their calls. Agents can see data such as the customer’s interaction history, notes left by other agents, contact information, and more. This allows them to personalize every conversation by giving agents crucial context behind each call.

Omnichannel support

The ability to communicate with customers through their method of choice is one way that companies meet their customers where they’re at. Not all customer service platforms provide omnichannel support, and this can prove cumbersome for customers who do not have time to be on the phone. LiveVox, which develops high-powered call center solutions, offers an omnichannel solution within their customer service platform. Agents can interact with customers not only via phone, but through SMS, webchat, and email too. 

Unified workflows 

Siloed data can quickly turn into a problem for call centers. When agents cannot get to the data they need, they cannot provide the quality service that customers expect. For example, if an agent is on a call and unable to access billing history for a customer disputing a charge, the call can quickly escalate. Siloed data can happen for numerous reasons. 

Companies implement new solutions replacing others too often, leaving behind old ones that not everyone may be onboard with. As a result, agents may not have the right logins and experience frequent  bottlenecks. 

LiveVox has developed a Unified Platform that removes the need for agents to toggle between multiple screens. Data is sourced from all directions and presented to the agent in the CRM. A quality customer service platform should easily integrate with 3rd party applications. 

Not only can disrupting efficient workflows result in a negative customer experience, but it can also be time consuming and reduce productivity, especially within a busy call center. When a platform can seamlessly connect with other applications, the agent experience goes unbothered. The LiveVox Unified Platform integrates with 3rd party applications to ensure that customer support calls go as smoothly as possible. 

Business intelligence

Analytic tools are also another important feature of customer service platforms

Analytic tools are also another important feature of customer service platforms. Tracking and recording calls allows for customer service platforms to compile data that gives call centers many useful business insights. LiveVox uses an advanced feature called SpeechIQ which transcribes every conversation that agents and customers have. 

This tool then allows supervisors to go back and look up calls using keywords. The Sentiment Analysis Solution by LiveVox takes it a step further by capturing both the customer and agent’s tone of voice and pitch in order to identify negative and positive reactions. The data that these intelligence tools provide help call centers develop and strategize with the customer at the forefront. 

Coaching and training tools 

One of the most efficient ways to teach agents how to deliver service at the level of excellence expected by a company is by showing them real examples of high-quality calls. Call recording gives supervisors and team leads the ability to identify the best calls. Using these calls for training sets up a great precedent for new employees. LiveVox’s customer service platform also allows screen recording.

Trainees can quickly become acclimated to software they’ve never used before. In addition, team leads can use recorded calls to coach current agents. They can pinpoint issues in each call, and agents can get a clear picture of what they need to work on. 

LiveVox uses advanced technology to create a customer service platform specifically for call centers. The numerous solutions within the platform help agents stay ten steps ahead of the customer, allowing them to provide top-level customer service. Omnichannel support, valuable analytics, and the unified workflows are only a few reasons why LiveVox excels in call center software solutions. Learn more about the LiveVox way by requesting a demo here

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