December 20, 2022

4 Pillars of Digital Customer Experience in a Contact Center

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4 Pillars of Digital Customer Experience in a Contact Center

Creating a superior digital customer experience is how businesses from any industry ensure that their customers stay loyal to a brand. In an average retail store twenty years ago, this could have looked like friendly, confident sales associates, sparkling clean restrooms, and maybe even complimentary coffee. 

Now, the definition of a superior customer experience is quite different. The pandemic helped change the way customers and companies interacted. As the country adapted to a virtual lifestyle, retailers also changed the way they operated. Delivering an enhanced customer experience suddenly involved optimized websites, omnichannel communication, automation technologies, and AI solutions. 

The call center industry has also shifted to meet the needs of its customers in a digital format. A contact center can create the ultimate digital experience for its customers by implementing the right tools and strategies into its operations.

Omnichannel orchestration

The primary way that customers used to reach out to companies was by phone. Since other options were non-existent, long wait times before reaching an agent were considered relatively normal. Customers that were already upset had to endure hold music for long periods of time before speaking to someone. Now in this digital age, omnichannel communication has taken the lead. LiveVox’s omnichannel platform provides agents and customers with different channels of communication and eqips support teams with the orchestration tools necessary to make those channel journeys flow

Customers can contact a company using their preferred method of communication and have that interaction history

These include SMS, email, webchat, and virtual agents that are all connected by the connective tissue of our native CRM. Customers can contact a company using their preferred method of communication and have that interaction history follow them throughout each next phase of the conversation, regardless of their channel of origin. Some may still prefer the traditional route over the phone, and LiveVox makes that easy, too.

Enhanced self-service options

Self-service options are a critical component of a solid digital experience. Contact centers can give their customers a way to quickly find the answers they need without a live agent. A customer can save time by finding the answer to their question quickly. One example is IVR, or an Integrated Voice Response system. LiveVox provides call centers with an IVR system that helps customers perform many account maintenance tasks. Customers can reach the IVR by calling in and speaking with the system. If a customer needs to make a payment, the IVR can help them over the phone. They can also ask simple questions such as, “Where is my order,” or “What is my balance,” and the IVR can relay the information to them. Another form of self-service can be conducted through SMS. Call centers can designate a number that customers can text for help requests. A pre-programmed bot can help customers through SMS and answer frequently asked questions. It can act as an interactive database. It can even provide customers with links to guide them in the right direction. In this digital age, texting and AI-powered IVR systems can help create a smooth digital customer experience.

Virtual agents

Virtual agents act just as live agents and can help customers with most questions they have. Virtual agents can be set up to answer questions for customers through chat, SMS, and over the phone. AI-driven virtual agents are capable of machine learning. This helps them retain information and act upon it in the future to deliver better service. LiveVox’s AI Virtual Agents enhance the digital experience by providing customers with more in depth assistance and eliminating the need to wait to speak with a live agent. Virtual Agents are integrated into the LiveVox platform. 

Virtual agents can be set up to answer questions for customers through chat, SMS, and over the phone. AI-driven virtual agents are capable of machine learning

They can access the LiveVox CRM platform and provide more detailed information and personalized experience. Pre-programmed FAQs coming from a chatbot are more limited compared to AI Virtual Agents. Customers can reach a virtual agent through their preferred channel of communication. The virtual agents can access several data sources to provide customers with detailed solutions. They can also perform authentication to ensure the safety of customer information. SpeechIQ and Natural Language Processing allows customers to have a natural sounding conversation with AI Virtual Agents. 

Sentiment analysis with SpeechIQ®

Anticipating customers’ needs helps create an improved digital experience. Business intelligence and analytic tools can capture information derived from agent and customer interactions. LiveVox’s Sentiment Analysis tool transcribes customers’ tone, pitch, and emotion to label calls as positive, negative, or neutral. Companies can leverage this to find out what customers feel about new products or offerings. These analytical tools provide valuable insight into customers’ perceptions. That data can drive important business decisions that can help meet customers’ needs. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the digital customer experience industry, LiveVox is confident about the technology it has developed to suit its clients needs. We provide advanced solutions that contact centers rely on to provide a superior digital experience. Request a demo here to see how LiveVox can transform your call center’s operations into the ultimate digital experience. 

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