May 22, 2022

4 Outbound Dialer Types and When to Use Them

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4 types of outbound dialers and how to use them

What is an outbound dialer?

An outbound dialer is a software or cloud-based solution that allows your contact center to make outgoing calls. Outbound dialing systems help your agents expedite and automate the outbound calling, increasing efficiency and output. Depending on the efficiencies you’re trying to solve, there are four types of outbound dialer types to meet your needs.

Preview dialer

When using preview dialing, an agent signals when they’re ready for another call and is presented with the information about the upcoming contact to prepare for the conversation. The agent can review the material and ensure they have all of the necessary information to best address the situation. This type of dialing is often used for more complex cases and sensitive calls. While preview dialing gives the agents the most context to interact with the customer, it is also a much slower pace of outbound calling. 

A Preview-All dialer presents a unified view of the upcoming call and gives the agent time to review the content to personalize the conversation. This functionality also lets the contact center optimize the call list to fit with each agent’s strengths.

Progressive dialer

Progressive dialing is similar to preview dialing in that agents indicate when they are ready for the next call. The difference is that the agents receive information about the customer at the same time the call is being made. This speeds up the outgoing call process, but gives less time for the agents to prepare. If a number is called and there is no answer, the system moves on to the next number. No time is wasted in the dialing process.

Progressive dialing is often used if the focus of your contact center is improved customer service and increased loyalty. You will see progressive dialing used for sales teams looking to renew or upsell current customers.

Predictive dialer

A predictive dialing solution connects to agents to live callers as soon as an agent is done with the previous call. Predictive dialer systems algorithmically determine when the next call should take place based on metrics like average call duration. The system dials several numbers at the same time until a caller picks up and then directs the customer to the open agent. This is one of the more productive and speedy outbound calling options. There are risks, however, as it is more likely a live caller could end up on the phone with no one on the other end, leading to abandoned calls. 

Predictive dialing is used for customer service follow-up, telemarketing, market research, and outbound sales prospecting. 

An automated dialer is used for high-volume use cases where your agent’s efficiency and cost-per-contact are a priority. 

Power dialer

Power dialing calls the next number on a contact list as soon as an agent is available. If there is no answer, the dialer moves on to the next number. The agent has their next call queued up for them to reduce dialing time. Contact centers use power dialing when looking to enhance customer service as it ensures that no customer gets a call without an agent on the other end of the line. 

In addition to choosing the right type of dialer system for your contact center, it is important to consider other factors such as risk mitigation capabilities and CRM integration. Take into account the combination of risk and productivity that best fits your business needs.

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