September 6, 2019

3 Ways to Improve Your Member Experience with Webchat

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 Dial-in Your Self Service Strategy and Delight Members: 3 Tips for Improving Member Experience with Webchat

As consumers become more sophisticated so too must their interactions with brands. This means all of the processes that govern those interactions need an update, too. Webchat allows your member support team to spend less time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks while offering a personalized, instantaneous solution to members at scale.

But, not many credit unions have the budget to handle the sometimes costly integrations needed to deliver that level of personalization. This is where omnichannel comes in.

To begin, take a look at your member support processes and see which tasks are most compatible with chat. For example, your agents are only able to field one member call at a time so that’s a great place to start. Webchat allows you to scale your member support efforts so that you can provide better service to more people at once. Unlike the phone, your team can field multiple chats from different members. From there you can embark on crafting new workflows that allow your team to spend more time with members. You’ll also better position yourself to compete with larger institutions who do have exorbitant budgets. Believe it or not, chat brings people back! According to Emarketer, 63% of people were more likely to return to a brand that offered webchat and other digital channels.

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Launching a webchat program used to be a large and expensive undertaking. But that doesn’t have to be the case any more. With a ready-made platform, you ensure there is a smooth rollout that doesn’t interfere with the service you’re already providing.

Below we offer 3 ways to improve your member experience with LiveVox’s webchat solution.

1. Webchat creates personalized member/agent interactions

We know that member experience is key. Just like you, we want your members to be happy. An omnichannel platform provides an elegant solution to a two-pronged, distinctly human problem:

  • Scalability: Personalized interactions are challenging to support at scale.

  • Speed: members expect instant service.
  • As personalization has become more widely adopted, it’s important to have a clear understanding of how webchat is critical to capturing members for life. Live agents are expensive, difficult to fully staff, and slow to respond even with a full headcount. This means members are left without the speed they’ve grown accustomed to. According to a recent Propeller Survey, more than 37% of people say they’d prefer to get immediate assistance from a chatbot or via live chat over waiting just three minutes for a human. 55% of members say they’d welcome the idea of chatbots in the member service process.

    With stats like these, it’s hard to ignore the fact that members not only enjoy using webchat, they’ve come to expect it.

    2. Webchat saves time – Your member’s and your team’s.

    Response times vary across channels. Agent response times over email and phone take much longer than SMS or web. With webchat, an agent can handle several service inquiries at once across multiple channels – taking their response rate from a 1-to-1 ratio up to a 5-to-1 ratio depending on agent ability. Webchat can also automate agent to member interaction by suggesting knowledge base articles for frequently asked questions. When members can access the information they need in real-time and have their problems resolved quickly, they’re happier.

    3. Webchat is, well, just plain helpful.

    Most people dread contacting support. Not only because it’s slow but because many people simply don’t find it to be helpful and leave support encounters feeling dissatisfied. On the contrary, a large majority of people – a stunning 73% – leave webchat interactions feeling like they’ve been helped. The added bonus of LiveVox’s omnichannel chat solution is that it connects both web and SMS so an agent can access individual inquiry history and surface resolutions in a timely fashion. This all while leveraging the level of personalization your members now demand.

    Here are more tips for implementing webchat.

    LiveVox offers a single one-stop solution that ties all channels together to help drive excellence across each channel experience. With an easy to use CRM functionality that integrates seamlessly with existing CRMs or SORs you don’t have to go out and buy the Salesforce’s of the world to achieve digital transformation.

    Learn how TEDCU has partnered with LiveVox to improve their communication with members.

    Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of what webchat can offer your member experience, learn more about LiveVox and see these kinds of features in real-time by contacting us at Our comprehensive cloud platform provides the engagement, functionality, and expertise needed to pave the way to more digitally-focused member engagement.

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