September 6, 2019

3 Must-Have Tools for Your Multichannel Risk Mitigation Toolkit

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Still Worried about Managing Consent in a Multichannel Environment?

Americans answer less than half of the calls made to their mobile phones yet most agencies still rely on this traditional method for collections*. With the majority of consumers transitioning to digital-focused channels like SMS and email, first and third-party collection agencies are struggling to meet their goals. 

Working in a world where contact attempts are increasingly regulated and the issue of consent is top of mind, there’s a rush to balance the transition to digital with consumer protections across these new channels.  Without the ability to track channel preferences in a holistic and automated way, businesses are left to manage the fluid nature of consent essentially in siloes. With the struggles of cell phone consent management fresh in their minds, many agencies remain daunted by the process and revert to relying on outdated methods like phone and printed letters.

Opting for a system that centralizes consent in a unified multichannel environment can override those limits and provide a better opportunity to work with consumers on their channel of choice. 

Here are 3 must-have tools for managing multichannel risk for collections. 

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1. Centralized Channel Preference Management

Combining consent management and transparency across channels allows you to incorporate real-time consent into your campaign workflows. Having multichannel consent capture and revocation be a strategic attribute of all of your campaigns enables maximum multichannel efficiency. The ability to provide or revoke consent by channel is also critical. If a consumer opts out of SMS, for example, that information should travel back to your system of record and automatically update your workflows. 

Unified consent across channels means that once consent is given it is integrated fully into campaigns. This allows you to create highly personalized and intelligent engagement efforts based specifically on real-time channel preferences.

 2. Workflow automation with user-friendly agent UX

Changing the smallest parts of a workflow can create huge infrastructure issues and even involve training which is costly and time-consuming. With templated email and chat responses your agents can automate repetitive tasks, control conversations, and standardize branding. In doing so your workforce is equipped to engage on new channels while adhering to company policies on engagement. 

3. A unified and comprehensive CRM or SOR

Collecting better data about your customers adds an efficiency layer to your communication strategy. It also helps contact centers and BPOs obtain consent and channel preferences in a way that adds value to both consumers and clients. 

With built-in activity tracking, you can capture receipts for all interactions. This creates an activity thread that is unique to each consumer profile. By managing consent in this way LiveVox acts as an automatic record keeper, minimizing risk and ensuring that you remain compliant.

The ability to effectively capture, store, and manage consent removes significant obstacles to capitalizing on additional channels. LiveVox integrates seamlessly with existing systems and creates a feedback loop that automatically updates when vital information like phone number, address, or even consent and channel preferences as they are updated. 

Navigating today’s regulatory waters can be difficult. LiveVox helps agencies do three critical things: 

  • Connects all of your channels
  • Mitigates risk by providing consent management
  • Compiles all of that information in one unified platform that automates campaign workflow creation and analysis

 For more information about LiveVox’s approach to channel preference and consent management, or to see these 3 tools in action, contact us at today.

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