June 13, 2022

2022 Complete Guide to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

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2022 Complete Guide to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

Balancing customer satisfaction with employee engagement is a challenge facing contact centers everywhere. Especially since delivering great experiences starts with agents. This is where workforce engagement management comes in. 

Workforce engagement management software (WEM) refers to the tools and processes an organization uses to manage, measure, and improve employee contributions or output. Workforce engagement management (WEM) software enhances employee performance and service delivery in the contact center.

Analyst house Gartner defines workforce engagement management(WEM) software as “a collection of technologies that expands on those of the mature workforce optimization (WFO) market by addressing functions that help increase employee engagement within customer service departments.” 

Core capabilities for vendors in this space include evaluation and improvement through analytics and business intelligence tools, time management capabilities like agent scheduling, agent performance metrics and real-time tracking view such as wallboards displays (sometimes referred to as performance management), agent assistance and task management, coaching, eLearning, and onboarding.

Here are the 4 of the most important things to know about workforce engagement management for the contact center. 

Workforce engagement management is about agent flexibility

Below are some ways workforce engagement management software can increase agent satisfaction by making them feel in control.

Gather agent feedback on their scheduling preferences.

Getting agents involved in the workforce planning process will ensure their satisfaction and buy-in and will increase adherence. Meet with agents to brainstorm alternative scheduling options, such as 4×10, 4×9 plus 4, or slant schedules (10 hours on Monday, nine on Tuesday, eight on Wednesday, seven on Thursday, and six on Friday).

Leverage shift bidding

to allow agents to view and select available shifts based on their skill sets, preferences, and lifestyle requirements.

Empower agents to self-manage

part of the scheduling process, such as swapping shifts, requesting time off, or volunteering for additional hours. Making it easy for agents to trade shifts or request time off can significantly reduce unplanned absenteeism.

Offer extra time-off and flex-time incentives

for working less-popular shifts like holidays, weekends, or graveyard shifts.

Most important things to know about workforce engagement management for the contact center

Build in split shifts

to give agents more flexibility during the workweek while ensuring coverage for high-volume days. For example, agents might be scheduled for three standard shifts during the week with two days of customized split shifts.

Offer a variety of options for breaks and meal periods.

Branch out from the traditional 15-30-15. Some agents may prefer a 60-minute lunch break to give them time to run errands. Others might opt for a 30-minute meal period with three 10-minute breaks for more frequent breathers during the shift. Provide flexibility and choice whenever possible.

WEM tools focus on performance improvement

In addition to delivering targeted, data-driven coaching to improve service quality, WEM tools help to address agents’ longer-term development needs. An integrated eLearning tool enables supervisors to link QA scorecards and coaching tasks with ongoing training assignments that can be delivered directly to the agent desktop and tracked by managers. Importantly, the experience can be customized to the individual’s needs, empowering agents with opportunities to enhance their skills, grow professionally, and be more invested in their success. 

Additionally, AI-powered interaction analytics eases capacity strain on supervisors by automatically scoring agent performance on 100% of voice, email, SMS, and chat conversations. Automated scorecards can be customized to surface compliance risks and track different agent groups, incentive programs, promotional campaigns, and CX initiatives. Advanced filters help supervisors get to agent performance data insights quicker, with more precision.

WEM can increase by your bottom line by reducing attrition

Automated scoring offers the opportunity to remove human biases, increasing agents’ perception of fairness in the QA process. It also has the added advantage of weeding out poor performers and provides a fair evaluation so everyone knows what the expectations are as well as how to meet them. When everyone is on the same page and goals are clearly defined, agents feel more inclined to participate leading to lower rates of attrition.

Workforce engagement management tools support business continuity by facilitating consistent service across organizations.

However, impartial scoring is only part of the equation. Coaching must also be a back-and-forth dialogue between agent and supervisor to have a lasting positive impact on performance. With integrated QM dashboards, supervisors can provide agents with direct access to call recordings and interaction transcriptions to hear and see where things went wrong so they can decide upon a plan for improvement. The goal of collaborative coaching is a solution that the agent understands and commits to because they actively participated in coming up with it.

WEM supports business continuity

Data-driven quality management programs help close the distance between supervisors and remote team members, which enhances service consistency since everyone is being trained and coached toward the same ends. The ability to track indicators of performance issues, such as long handle times or periods of silence, or poor sentiment on either side of the conversation, helps supervisors to not only pinpoint learning opportunities, but also deliver targeted coaching whether the agent is working from home or sitting in the next cubicle.

What is workforce management software and what does it do?

Workforce engagement management software (WEM) refers to the tools and processes an organization uses to manage, measure, and improve employee contributions or output. Workforce engagement management (WEM) software enhances employee performance and service delivery in the contact center.

How do I create an effective WEM strategy in the call center?

In order to create an effective workforce engagement management strategy you need tools for forecasting, scheduling, shift adjustments, and communication with remote and on-site agents.  Your WEM strategy should focus on letting agents stay in touch with management and empower them on the go by providing visibility into schedules, schedule change notifications, shift opt-in offers, schedule adherence, and the ability to bid for and swap shifts.

How does employee engagement affect customer satisfaction?

Establishing effective and efficient quality monitoring and agent performance management processes in your organization helps customer satisfaction by promoting effortless interactions through detailed instruction to agents via targeted training and coaching programs.

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